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cali | her | 14
an aspiring poet
trying to find inspiration in a monochromatic world
est. june 23, 2020

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give us back our words.

you can't take back words

July 4, 2020


words flow like water between
bee-stung lips and crystalline teeth,
loving and gentle, cutting and cruel

the mouth is but an instrument,
and we are the players

sometimes our melodies caress the air like honey,
a light wind rustling through the leaves

sometimes they clash in shrill dissonance,
two relentless entities of hatred and contempt

and yet, sometimes they melt away, revealing
another side, a special softness
peeling away the tender folds of the heart
until we see what makes us truly human

we tend to forget that
we are flawed things, foolish and stupid and
laughing and crying and loving, loving, loving

and instead our words raise walls,
sealing ourselves away from the rest 
so we can be destroyed by our own hand

so i ask you:
what will it take to bridge the gap?

the mouth is the window to the soul, after all
2020 has really thrown us into a wild ride, and through struggle and adversity, true character shows. This poem was meant to show just how much of an impact words have. They can be cruel and discouraging or compassionate and supportive. Let's unite and face the world together.


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  • Mishthi Sharma

    Nice piece with a great message.

    5 months ago
  • bellairet

    Beautiful piece, great message!

    5 months ago