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June 28, 2020


Okay, results are finally here and I am so happy that I got so many entries and the pieces were amazing. It was so, so, so hard to judge but in the end, I could only pick three at most per prompt. A few prompts did not get three entries and do not have a third place. Thanks for entering and, without further ado, the winners!

A brief review of the prizes:
    1st place: 3 reviews of your choice, 5 likes of my choice, and a follow (if I'm not already following you).

    2nd place: 2 reviews of your choice, 4 likes of my choice, and a follow (if I'm not already following you).

    3rd place: 1 review of your choice, 3 likes of my choice, and a follow (if I'm not already following you).

Prompt 1: Jewelry: (Fun Fact: I have a piece of jewelry I always wear. I depend on my watch so much. I can wear different watches but I have to have one on my wrist. It reminds me of the time but it also helps me relax and I'm not sure why.)

1st Place: Stone of Jade's piece, A Reminder of the Threat
This piece drew me in immediately and I wanted to know more. The sentence, "As a reminder how deadly a threat they were to the world--to peace." made me want to know what AIM was and what was going on. I am so glad that I got to read the story this piece is associated with. It is so good. The title drew me in immediately, as well. Titles are the main thing to catch someone's eye and this one made me want to know what threat. The dog tag is worth something to Emily because it belonged to her brother. It reminds her both of the loss of her brother and the loss of the hard drive. And it doesn't let her forget.

2nd Place: Ollie Octopus' piece, Hope and lucky
"She hopes that luck will be on her side. She will make it into the gifted group." I don't know about anyone else, but I have felt this kind of pressure. At my school, we don't have a gifted class or group because the school is too small, but people would act so surprised when I got less than a hundred or if someone got a higher score than I did. This helped me relate to this piece and I fell in love with it. I also related that she did not give up. "She could have just thrown the bracelets away, but she didn't./ She knew she would need them later, so she put them tightly around her wrist." This piece was so relatable but also inspiring, that it put a smile on my face. I know words can mean so much and jewelry with words is so much less permanent than tattoos and such. You can take them off whenever but you choose to keep them and you work hard to keep them even when you want to throw them away. It's commitment and it's hard.

3rd Place: MimiChoudhury's piece, The Diamond Bracelet
The first thing that happens in this poem is "She ran like the wind". And then it just keeps going! The poem is vague but there are so many things that could have happened and not knowing makes it that much more amazing. "He, who was not there./He who had gone away to the skies." He was gone (once more, it is vague because we don't know who he or even the main character is) but he left one thing. "With just the one memoir/ that he had left behind /Just the diamond bracelet" People fade from memory so easily when there is nothing left to remember them by. She has one thing and she is determined. She might have lost him, but she had the one thing in the world he had left, and that made it worth so, so much to her.

Prompt 2: Alone:

1st Place: Doodleninja's piece, one too many
The memories strike like a viper and are so perfectly in place. The mix of past and present explain things so well while not overwhelming the reader with information. And I loved the piece because the main character was fighting back her feelings about those she had betrayed. And I felt everything Rokuro felt. "There used to be six of us. Now there's just one. One too many." There isn't just one left, it's one more than Rokuro wants now. She is feeling so much and she finally achieved everything she was supposed to but it didn't make her feel victorious. No, it made her feel everything she was not supposed to feel. "One too many." That sentence hits so hard!

2nd Place: inanutshell's piece, The Gemini Six
With a beginning that leaves so much of the past in the past, it makes me so curious! I wanted to know what had happened. Why were they running? And they didn't trust each other. That's usually for good reason and it was. "...only one of them came back." The main character knew the leader was untrustworthy and he knew they needed to leave but...oh, it was so good and I couldn't pull my eyes away! It was so good!

3rd Place: Ollie Octopus's piece, alone with words
This was so honest. It was a pouring out of words without a filter. It was a waterfall that could not be stopped in the storm but as the storm faded and the floods calmed, it turned from a brutal beauty to a calm, knowing beauty. I know how it feels for people to stop talking to you and this piece was such a wonderful reminder that everyone is worth so much. And the end filled me to the brim because I could relate to it so well. "I felt like I was someone again. At least someone knew how I was feeling. Words knew. And that was all I needed. Someone who would listen to me." Sometimes, words are all you need because it's speaking without having to say a word and someone hearing without needing to hear. It makes everything feel at least the slightest bit better.

Prompt 3: Grand Canyon:

1st Place: Karma's_Coming's piece, That Poor Little Boy
The poem is blunt and to the point and so, so full of emotion. "He slowly started going crazy." One line. That one line has so much information in it. I could see Timmy's friend going crazy and it made me sad and the slightest bit scared and it's just one line. It does so much. "hearing the earth crack in two./ The gods in the heavens heard his pleas, /knowing that no one will ever know what that boy is going through." It has such an impact on me because I couldn't imagine the world without my best friend and I am so glad I have her. Death is the most horrible thief and this story is an amazing example of this. The Grand Canyon was made because of a thief and a little boy. It was amazing and sad and just... wow.

2nd Place: BizzleWrites' piece, The story of The Grand Canyon
Mythology is used to explain a lot of the world and admittedly, connecting this story was something I thought would be a great idea. Again, Death is the thief, in a way. Persephone was stolen away by the God of the Underworld. A mother loves her children forever and we know Demeter punished the world with winter when her daughter was taken. But this writer also makes known that the Grand Canyon was made by a broken-hearted goddess who "realized just how sad she really was, she had lost a part of herself, and that part could never be returned."

Prompt 4: Deadly Encounters:

1st Place: .amelia.'s piece, Trusting fears
I loved this piece because, not only is Death a friend, he helps the main character stay alive. The main character is not constantly afraid and she jokes around with Death about people trying to kill her. Her family trying to kill her! "'Grimms' fairytales?" He raised an eyebrow. "That is some strange, messed up stuff right there." "Says a god in Greek mythology." I joked." She even calls him JIMMY! It almost makes him sound harmless. I loved the way this piece was full of the danger of dying and joking between friends. It makes it seem really realistic.

2nd Place: Karma's_Coming's piece, I Need To Find New Friends
Death, otherwise known as Grim, shows up daily in the main character's life. They have procedures in place so no one gives them weird looks when they talk in public. It's extremely funny and I wanted to laugh even at the end, as the main character almost dies. '“Oh you wanna go Mister Grim Death guy? Cause I can ta-“ Thats when we went full speed into the bus in front of us. And Grim cracked up laughing. I guess that’s what I get for befriending Death, right?"

3rd Place: Black Cat's piece, I am a friend of Death
The main character almost dies multiple times but that doesn't stop her. She is confident and ready to face the world. "I was near Death many times and now am a close friend of Death." And maybe she always would be risking Death every day, but she was still going to move out and party and be a normal girl. It's amazing optimism!

Prompt 5: Mythical:

1st Place: Stone of Jade's piece, Warmth of Fairies' Magic
This piece is so full of happiness and secretive outings. It is so wonderful to read. "She felt warm, comforted as all her fears and worries melted away; the shadows that lurked in her mind were lit up by the fairies' light." Fairies are so easy to find in everyday life because they don't have to be big or look human. And it is so wonderful how the happiness of one character makes the other character happy. Never underestimate the power of trying to spread joy! I hope this writer is going to continue writing about Ellie and Henry as she mentioned she might. I would love to know what their quest is and what they are doing. This is wonderful.

2nd Place: Jason_claire:)'s piece, The Beast and his Human Friend
The beast is so kind to the little girl and she, in turn, is not afraid of him. I love her energy and the patience of the beast. "I wrapped my arms around his neck, even though they didn't make it all the way around." Hugs like that are so wonderful and full of happiness. I love hugs like that and I love people who listen to children. The fact that the beast was willing to listen makes him so likable and wonderful and I want to fly on his back!

Thank you to all of you that entered and please let me know what you would like reviewed! Amazing job guys!


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