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child of the winds

July 1, 2020


hear my song, oh child of the winds
   oh child of the ocean, dance!
the fireflies light the twilight air
    the moths brush your cheeks with a soft laugh
  oh child of the winds, play! 
      hear me call you to the ocean, child.
  rest upon the shores.
        the sighing stars breathe night on you
     and light up in your eyes oh!
hear my song, oh child of the winds.
   oh child of the ocean, sail!
the waves kiss your sweeping lashes
    the moon washes you in softness and oh!
sing with the soothing winds, child! stand atop the decks and
                  watch the ocean play beneath your heart.


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  • sunny.v

    ahhhh the fireflies in the twilight and the moths and the ocean!! squeee! so gorgeous! the moon and the wind...oh my dear vinnie you are actually a real life fairy. you’re made of magic or something, i swear. <3

    5 months ago
  • poetri

    gorgeous, Vinter. gorgeous <3

    5 months ago