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estrella, estrella

June 28, 2020



we star.
/ hard to imagine that those dots of light are boiling suns in all their glory / maybe it's the same with passion / burning white-hot and angry, but too far away for most to see / estrella, estrella, are your ghosts visible? / or are they hidden in the vacuum of space? /

we constellation.
/ yes, we network, we connect / embroider your soliloquies into my skull /and yet betelgeuse mocks me from orion's shoulder/ why can't i glow blood-red for all to see / i long for the comradery that his belt seems to have / estrella, how does it feel? / where does that leave me? /

we nebula.
/ i collect your remains and bury them beneath quasar tombstones / estrella, pen your will with hydrogen and i'll lick the envelope shut with helium / your interstellar starbursts make me gasp with glee / nurse your children to health, estrella, and leave them to die in galaxies afar / how can you breathe when the space dust suffocates me? /

we supernova.
/ estrella, knock me back a trillion steps with your shock wave / let the fury build up in your core / raging, rampaging, falling in / save yourself, estrella, and swallow those in your path / and do so for all of eternity / compact your majesty into absence / why am i still chasing you? /
I know this doesn't mirror a star life cycle properly, but I had fun writing it! Shout-out to efflorescence for inspiring the section titles! 


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  • Sol noctis


    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    I have this huge thing for science poems or poems inspired by the cosmos, and this is just stunning. it's just incredibly effortless. I mean I'd copy paste my favourite lines, but to do that would be a disservice to this entire piece. <3

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    this is so... pretty? god, if this were a person i might marry it. "hard to imagine that those dots of light are boiling suns in all their glory" what a stellar (huehuehue) opening line. it's such a simple yet profound thought, that all the emphasis we put on our sun could almost be placed on other stars (or suns, if you will). star life cycles.... absolutely breathtaking. the cosmos themselves are stunning and it seemed you infused some stardust in your writing today. i'll reread this, and i wish i could save this to a playlist or smth. it's so pretty.

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    i had like 7 hours of sleep for a week in a row so i’m so sorry that my comments aren’t proper but ack. you sure are kicking writer’s block’s butt!! estrella...so pretty. star lifetimes r so pretty and tho this isn’t an exact mirror of one it’s still so lovely. u do a great job with star concepts!

    5 months ago