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June 27, 2020


Hi everyone, hope you've been having a great day! I present to you the answers to the Q&A I posted yesterday! Thank you to everyone who gave me these questions, they were really interesting & fun to answer!

-Pizza or Cheeseburgers?
I would say pizza in general... unless it's in-n-out. fresh in-n-out is a game changer.

-Would you rather love or be loved?
I think I'd rather love, because they make up who I am but then again... wow, y'know both of these options make me feel selfish

-Slushies or Milkshakes?
Slushies! Ice cream lost my interest for like the past couple years but mint choc chip is making a comeback (i can eat bowls, and bowls, and bowls, of that stuff) but yeah, slushies for sure

-Would you rather lose your hearing or your sight?
ack this is so hard, but ultimately i think my sight. I really love music & I just can't imagine losing it. wait no... NO VIDEO GAMES?! AHH NETFLIX. OK I CHANGE MY MIND. hearing, hearing, hearing final answer. i will fully depend on subtitles but that's ok

-Jelly Beans or Gummy Bears?
Jelly Beans! (my siblings & friends love gummy bears so i've just learned to save 'em for them)

-Would you rather shave your head or never cut your hair again?
Never cut my hair again, for sure. When I was younger I hated cutting my hair and would throw a huge tantrum every time because Ariel was like my idol (i don't think that's the right word, but i was obsessed) and i totally wanted red hair. so maybe it's a reflection of how disney's reflection of society's ideals of beauty has translated back onto me, but yeah. unless we're in quarantine, then maybe... but i think in general, never cut my hair.

-White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?
Milk chocolate, I can eat down those hershey bars like *snap* that. My mom doesn't like me eating white chocolate anyway, and personally i find it's too sweet to binge ;)

-Would you rather be super smart or super strong?
SUPER SMART. I've resigned myself to being a weakling forever and maybe if I was smarter it would also make me more witty. (oh gosh, i sound like a total nerd)

-Marvel or DC?
Ok, I'm not really passionate about either of these and I barely know the difference, but my friends' influence have made me lean towards Marvel... although I do applaud DC for addressing the different worlds thing before Marvel.

-Would you rather forget everyone you know or have everyone you know forget you?
This is probably my worst fear, like just forgetting everyone and everything (I have a terrible memory). I think I'd rather forget everyone I know because I trust my friends & family to persist and get me back up to speed in no time. Everyone forgetting me... yeah, I got lucky once with these amazing people, I'm not going to just give that all up now.

-Vans or Converse?
I am really not the person to answer this, but I don't own any Vans while I own one pair of Converse, so Converse. Also, terrible story I just randomly want to share, one day when I was a know-nothing freshman, there was this girl in PE who I was like sorta friends with and I was trying to get passed her and stepped on her brand, new shiny white sneakers and there was a terrible footprint on it. Agh I felt terrible for days. smh.

1) what’s a writing style you particularly like?
I really enjoy hearing a unique voice, especially in humor. In general though, I really love provocative pieces that make me think and have those lightning moments, and those chilling metaphorical imagery that is always just dead gorgeous.

2) admired wtw writers?
I haven't been on here all that long, so if you're not on here please don't take it to heart, you guys are all wonderful writers and I'm bound to forget a ton of people. Off the top of my head I'd say you, A Rose, chrysanthemums&ink, Vinter Vejen, and a ton more that I am only realizing now would list almost everyone I've interacted with on this site. TBH I don't usually look at the writer until the end of the piece so my likes are all over the place. 

3) what’s your favorite topic/subject to read about on here?
there is no one topic really-- that's what makes this community so special! it's just the fact that you can enjoy writing about everything and anything and slowly branch out to unfamiliar territory. i have to say though, i do really love reading the pieces about asia (like your's) because another writing sight i'm on has a much less diverse array of writers (most of them caucasian honestly) and it's really refreshing to feel comfortable writing & reading about my heritage and idk, the things i feel as an asian? something like that

4) going off of the previous questions, what’s your favorite to write about?
as my mom likes to point out in my short stories, i like to write about things i know next to nothing about. poetry on the other hand is really just one of the rawest forms of expression for me, so that just goes with my mood.

5) if you could blend some people’s writing style (on wtw or just in general) to make your personally favored style, who’d you blend?
hm, there's this girl that goes by avaclaire on another site and her metaphors are just amazing, so i would totally somehow infuse that with chrysanthemums&ink's writing (agh it's weird for me cuz she's younger & probably doesn't even know i exist but im such a fan) and maybe like a teensy drop of me. if we're really going out there i will take anybody's songwriting talent because i really wish i knew how to do that.

6) what cliche character trope are you? aka, if we were all book characters on a YA journey, who’d you be?
umm probably that friend that people mc always asks for help & random peptalks if im lucky, but honestly in any fantasy or sci fi thing i'd just be a civilian casualty hehe

7) do you feel your irl personality translates well to here?
eh idk i guess i write everything i think so in a way im so much more awkward on here because im really self conscious about my weirdness with most people + im pretty sure half my grade thinks im a smart aloof person so there's that

8) favorite wtw pieces?
You did not paint with blues//edited/hopefully improved// by Happy butterfly
renaming: reclaiming. by jun lei
roses have thorns; so do pretty boys by Lone Wolf
Wanderers through the cosmos by Daisy + Sage
dirty daughter of the middle kingdom #childofyournation by chrysanthemums&ink
Yeah, so these are probably my favorites since coming on here,so if you haven't read them yet you should check them out!

9) how tall are you?
5'7'' ish I believe, so 170.18 cm

10) your happiest moment you’ve had at school?
so, so many tbh. I love those lazy days when you can just sit down with your friends during lunch & chat about anything, but perhaps the happiest one I can recall was signing yearbooks at the end of seventh grade. i didn't buy a yearbook that year so i just went scribbling in everyone else's. it was great ;)

11) how’re you so cool?
haha thanks, but i think you've got the wrong person. i'm a lot of things, but i don't believe cool is one of them.

12) where would you vacation to, ignoring all other costs, and why?
oh, the places i'd go! tbh im not huge on vacationing (staycation is more my thing) but I'd love to go to australia or antarctica. ik antarctica is kinda strange but i've always wanted to know exactly how cold it is there. oh, or maybe the maldives just cuz my parents have raved so much abt that place. so the maldives if i can bring my fam, antarctica if im by myself (but like for an hour or two) 
-favourite trope?
i admit to having to look this up, but i think it's probably the polar opposite twins/friends. idk why im just a sucker for that

-Real name?
er well Audrey, but if you could please continue calling me amaryllis or ryllis that'd be much appreciated (i don't want to get in trouble with the parietals)

-what made you pick amaryllis as your pen name, if it is one?
yeah, amaryllis is a pen name and it has a kinda long very straightforward story. i only really started writing creatively this year, but my first piece that really got me started was in eighth grade. we were assigned to write a story about anything at like 1.5 pages, times new roman, double spaced, etc, etc and I wrote a piece I'm actually still pretty proud of. the idea was the class would read them all through and we'd vote for the best ones. I didn't want everyone knowing it was me (it was kinda um, violent, and tbh should've had a tw) and went scouring for cool pen names. i wanted it to start with an a (cuz my actual name does & im partial to it) but be like pretty and whatnot, so i find amaryllis. it's actually a flower, and since then i've found we actually have one in our backyard and it means bold, strong, and i thought it was perfect. freshman year, there's zip creative writing and i got a really hard teacher & totally lost faith in my writing abilities, but continued using the name "ryllis" for games and whatever. this past year i had a really wonderful 10th grade teacher and started writing again, and remember my old pen name & decided to use it.

-favourite wtwers?
sunny v, daisy + sage, ollie, batman, & eblinn (no offense to anyone else cuz ur all awesome, i think these are just the people who i've interacted with the most)

-Least favorite trope?
stories where it seems like every girl is fighting for one guy or every guy is fighting for one girl (usually mc) - it's just infuriating bc most of the time they're not even that awesome! 

-Physical appearance? 
black hair, dark brown eyes, moderate acne, relatively tall, lanky, & pretty dark just cuz i like in socal

-Thing you love most about WtW?
The community is very warm and definitely a highlight, but i think it's the fact that you can actually get good feedback on your writing here & that everyone here is so amazing that I learned & was influenced ever so much by everyone's writing

-Thing you love about yourself?
that i am my mother & father's daughter, have no social media (pat myself on the back), and am pretty driven & hard working

-One thing you would change about how people perceive you?
Well, probably thinking that I'm aloof I suppose. I don't think I'm better, smarter, etc than anyone else, but bc im shy and often stuck in my books a lot of people percieve me that way (according to my brother & mom)

-any favorite comedians?
nope, not really tbh. most of my humor comes from just my friends wacky antics and the ones on agt- was a huge fan of preacher lawson when he was on there

-a song that never gets old?
agh so, so, so many. ok the vast majority of all the chinese music from every chinese drama i've ever watched (rn im on a handsome sibling phase but even after these phases i still listen to them), riptide, show you by shawn mendes, & viva la vida by coldplay

-your writing process?
depends. when im with my writegirl mentor we just take the prompt, look around, and write whatever. when im inspired i can just lie on my bed and bleed on the computer. uninspired (vast majority of the time), i go looking for prompts & read through my notebook to see if i had any unused ideas, then slowly crank it out of me. editing is pretty minimal unless i come back and rewrite the whole thing, but i often use this site where a british old lady reads my pieces back to me

-what's your sense of humour like?
very awkward & juvenile. when i crack a terrible pun or joke i laugh at myself & most of the time people don't laugh at my joke as much as at how bad it is & the fact i'm laughing at it.

-an author you're inspired by?
nobody in particular really, but of the late i suppose agatha christie has made me really want to try my hand at mystery. in general i love reading asian authors just because it makes me have faith that maybe i can be them one day.

-What is your favorite genre to read and write with?
Probably realistic fiction on both counts, but i'll read almost anything and end up loving it (except horror, im a huge scaredy cat)

-Sunrise or sunset?
sunrise just because if im able to  get up it's so rewarding & the crisp air is *chef's kiss*

What makes you happy/upset?
I'm happy when everyone around me is in a good mood, and upset when I someone I care about is upset or I see/hear about some atrocity someone has committed or when people are just being downright unbearable

What brought you to write the world?
I was compiling a list of useful writing sites for my gold award, and I came across it in some list :)

If you could be a character in a book, which book would you choose?

-If you can change one thing about the world what do you change?
probably addressing our pressing climate issues or getting rid of discrimination in general

-How old are you?
i am an old grandma at the ripe age of 16!

And what gender?
proud to be a girl :)



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  • Writing4Life

    Hehe funnnnyyyy :D Ima girl tooo

    about 1 year ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink | ia

    me at sunny's height comment: :]
    it was really interesting hearing the story behind your pen name :) amaryllis is really beautiful. really loved the q&a and learning more about you <3
    aw, thank you for the shoutouts. my age how???? also: i do know you exist ;) ;)

    about 1 year ago
  • sunny.v

    pst i’m still going thru these but it’s a rite of passage for everyone to go “i’m waiting for Sunny’s height comment” and then I go “YOU’RE *insert height*????” and everyone goes “lol it’s sunny’s height’s comment!!” ahem. anyways. still going through these, love!! i’m so busy nowadays but i’ll surely make my way through this, you sound so lovely.

    about 1 year ago
  • outoftheblue

    Ahahaha just knew sunny was gonna freak at you being 5'7 (I'm the same height!)
    also love Agatha Christie! and Viva la vida is so oddly nostalgic, there's just something about that song. honestly, your pen name is so pretty and I loved the story behind it :)
    (Any asian authors you'd recommend?)

    about 1 year ago
  • Deleted User

    Thanks for answering! And nice qna! You seem like an amazing person! :)

    about 1 year ago
  • batman_is_a_cracker

    I love these answers. I loudly gasped at your answers to some of my questions. Like *gasps dramatically* you don't like icecream?!?! or *gasps dramatically* you were obsessed with The Little Mermaid too?!?!

    about 1 year ago
  • sunny.v

    i’ll read these properly BUT YOURE 5’7?????

    about 1 year ago