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just a melancholy, existential girl with a penchant for poetry, fairy tales, and magical realism.

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hello! it's been a little while since i've been active here, but enjoy a poem i wrote a few weeks ago :)

Elegy for the Gorgons

June 26, 2020



There are sixteen statues reposed on my chest.
So call me a museum, call me

Medusa. Call me dead girl calcifying
her own skeleton into oblivion. My heart

a sailing stone, these veins
its ossified impressions. The showerhead 

weeps scalding tears that sculpt 
my slantwise cheeks. See how marble busts

transfigure their skin into blades, all the better
to carve themselves reborn. Plastic surgery

learned its perfectionism from us.
Dead girls preserved 

by society’s white-hot stares. Effigies
of acid rain and honey-whittled lips,

We’re still awaiting Perseus
to carry our sgraffito home.

A museum of dead girls lusting
for their postmortem rites.

So call me Medusa, please,
evince my fantasy into existence.

Because dead girl standing in a garden of the lost
grows tired of this pose. 


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  • Tula.S

    I love this too! Your writing is so unique and you have these beautiful word combinations. I can't wait to read more.

    3 months ago
  • sunny.v

    medusa is absolutely mythic and you do her great justice ugh this is stunningly gorgeous and so divine to read!!

    5 months ago