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Please feel free to leave comments/criticisms, I haven’t been writing poetry for very long and I’m determined to improve!

Love Is In the Little Things

June 26, 2020


I think that love is in the little things,
found like petals dispersed, bare on the ground.
It’s woven in feathers of blackbird’s wings,
threads stitching us closer, forever bound.

It’s in preschool songs that drive me crazy,
spread over toast in her sweet marmalade.
That noon, I smooth it over her grazed knee,
hair tangled in my fingers as I braid.

Her clashing scales can’t break my affection,
the gleam in her eyes mimics the white stars.
Tiny hands, the image of perfection - 
such small fingers can leave hideous scars.

I know that love was in a little thing;
now she’s gone, the wounds in my heart still sting.
Had a go at a sonnet I guess :)


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