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June 26, 2020

Content Warning: Mentions racism and environmental destruction
Mercury poisons the precious streams,
And each breath they take here sets their lungs on fire,
How can their children dream?
Would you steal their future for your selfish desire?
You prey on their joy, their love, their hope for the future,
But someday your children will need the very same water they protect,
You have the arrogance to see your way of life as better,
Without giving them an ounce of your respect
But how can you think of your children when you have already forgotten,
The blood on your hands and the crimes you committed,
When you attacked the earth you declared war on their women,
People were robbed of their childhood because of pain you inflicted,
To the whole world, you present a facade of generosity,
But there is no way such a bloody past can ever be hidden,
And soon everyone will hear of your hypocrisy,
Disregarding the false history you’ve written
As a Canadian, I wrote this poem to raise awareness about environmental racism affecting First Nations. Resource extraction projects often take place in communities where Black or Indigenous peoples live. Sometimes, these communities can be left without clean drinking water. To learn more about environmental racism and Indigenous rights in Canada, here are some resources to get started:
The connection between resource extraction projects and violence against Indigenous women:
A book (which also has a great movie adaptation) by an Indigenous author that you can read/watch is Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese to learn about the history of residential schools and forced separation of Indigenous children from their parents.
An article about RCMP police brutality:


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  • June 26, 2020 - 1:11pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Busssy.Beee

    I'm not a Canadian, but I agree with you. You did a wonderful job writing this. The word choice is phenomenal, I'm speechless!

    about 1 year ago