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5 things insomnia taught me

By: EAurora

PROMPT: Enumeration

1. the world looks different when shrouded in the 3 am streaks of
moonlight. somehow sharper and more real; my actions are
amplified and displayed in an elegant show of monotony and madness

2. midnight holds all my secrets, in an infinite state i can only reach
when my restless brain shrieks blue and scarlet in longing for the morning.
my lies that learned to love the darkness

3. the mind is full of voices, tumbling through when all i wish is to do is
escape to the world of my imagining. doubts and murmurs, fears resurfacing after years
in the dust of my subconscious – they scream to me in the silence i do not dare to fill

​4. the dark is a dangerous place. it fuels despair and makes my clearest moments fuzzy and guilt-swollen. it lives to isolate – great shrouds paint those i thought i knew in
tortured colours. and it is sweet and aching with the threat of morning

5. in those few desperate hours
before dawn prevails and routine continues
i feel most alive

Written at 2 am...

Peer Review

I love the whole list but number 5 is my favorite because it is really shocking and so truthful. I can really relate to that feeling of being fueled by the night even though I want to sleep!

I don't really have any questions this is an awesome piece!

Reviewer Comments

This is a super relatable piece that I enjoyed reading. Awesome job!