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Outrunning fate | #SomethingUnique2

July 3, 2020


Her resilience shattered like glass, against a cold brick wall scraping her delicate skin.

Elera was nothing.

She only need look at the cruelly beautiful woman, to remind herself.

This particular lady wore a dress encrusted with wicked black gems. Her sparkling dark eyes complemented the onyx diamonds resting proudly on her golden crown.

Her musical voice, a deadly spell that cut the air from Elera's lungs.

"My dear, you can't just walk away." Her siren voice chided. "You're a princess. Your place is in this castle!"

"My queen, I didn't-" Elera reasoned.

"And you shouldn't!" The queen flashed a brilliant smile. "We wouldn't want to lose our only heir, would we?"

Elera struggled but couldn't find the words to challenge the monarch.

And so Elera's barrier of resilience collapsed. Years of subdued emotion came crashing down.

Still, the royal suppressed what she could behind a mask of indifference.

So the queen couldn't take joy in her pain.

"Run along, dear. You have things to do." The queen dismissed her with a flick of her hand.

Elera curtsyed and left the colossal throneroom, barely having time to reach the exit before the first tears fell.

It finally dawned upon the girl that this queen transformed her haven into an elaborate prison. Elera could venture around the golden rooms and scale the obsidian towers. But she couldn't ever go beyond all the boring bliss.

Not even for Axel, who deserved so much more than she.

Bitter beyond words and partially in denial, Elera did something she hadn't done in years.

She ran.

The princess flung off ballet slippers gnawing blisters into her heels. She pulled painful hairpins poking into her skull.

Brown hair shook free and tumbled down in caramel waves. Crystal sequins on her gown shimmered and flickered, chasing her in a restless rhythm.

Tears blurred her vision.

The wind was in her face.

Her heart was in her throat.

Elera forgot she was living in a prison.

But the end of the hallway reminded her.

She crashed into its black wall of sickly golden patterns and tumbled on the floor.

When she found the strength, Elera pushed herself up to reach for an old white door near her and snuck in.

As always, the door led her to a balcony overlooking the town.

Elera loved to gaze at the people there. For hours, she would stare at the dolls-sized townsfolk, following them as they inched from this building to that. If Axel came, they would search the place for interesting little people.

And this night, Axel came the way he always did--on flawless intuition.

His cloudy grey eyes swept across her troubled face and his expression shifted to grave concern.

When she melted into his snowy white coat, Axel held her firmly in a comforting embrace. He didn't ask for an explanation as she cried over his shoulder. Instead, he hugged her till her devastated sobs diminished to quiet sniffling.

Then, they sat down.

"I'm sorry." Elera sighed.

"What for?" He asked. "You have nothing to be sorry about."

Elera shook her head.

"The queen would never let me go."

"I'm sure your mother will, if you give her a little more time."

"She is no mother to me." The princess scowled. "My mother is the lady-in-waiting who protects me from the queen and listens to my woes."

He tilted his head slightly, then nodded.

"Any other ideas?" Axel asked.

"Like I said, we could run." Elera insisted.

"No, we can't." He repeated. "I'm the royal mage's apprentice. The queen will catch us before we escape the capitol."

"I'm sorry." The princess repeated.

"Don't be." Axel clasped her hands, rubbing warmth into her icy fingers.

"There's something on your mind." Elera noted the small crease between his brows.

"Just the gathering." He waved it away. "It's nothing important."

Elera widened her crystal blue eyes.

"But it is! Your interests are equally important as mine." She grasped his arms. "Go. If you leave now, you can make it."

Axel looked uneasily between the town and Elera.

"My place is with you." He reasoned.

Elera's heart fluttered with joy. Her strawberry lips curled into a smile.

"I know that." She gently kissed him on the cheek. "Now go, and tell me about everything."

Axel smiled back in pure delight.

"Alright, I will. Thank you."

He climbed on the edge of the balcony.

"Later." He waved and leapt off the ledge, vanishing into a brilliant burst of light.

Comforted, Elera turned to leave the balcony. But her blood ran cold as a familiar black figure greeted her at the door.
It's 766 words, after cutting everything

Anyway, my piece is on a musical piece called Mariage D'amour. <3 But due to word constraint, the story's just about slightly over the half the piano piece.

This to the version I used
Mariage D'amour



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