you don't live to die,
you die because you live.

i'm falling in love with you

June 25, 2020


the music is over
but i still clearly hear the song in my head
because my whole world is starting to sound like
la vie en rose and hallelujah
fly me to the moon, hey there delilah.
your smile looks like the moon over the sea,
a dress of pale silver worn in serendipity.
the music is over,
but the notes go ever on,
fuelled by my heartbeat and a sweet sweet orchestra of
lovesick violins, a medley of spring,
played over green flower fields,
hand in hand with you.


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1 Comment
  • sunny.v

    oh my gosh i LOVE la vie en rose and fly me to the moon! i can practically hear them from this piece—lovely work!

    5 months ago