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six horizontal stripes | final draft

July 10, 2020


six horizontal stripes
signifying infinite capability, infinit
capacity, infinite strength, infinite emotions.

six horizontal stripes
signifying unity, harmony, integrity

six horizontal stripes
that we accept as our own.

the flag is an icon.
i try to explain it.
this is merely a work of imagination.
the truth
is even better.

red depicts love. it depicts power. it depicts passion. it depicts restlessness. red is sweet, like the face of a strawberry, just as summer knocks on your door. but that's not it; red can be aggressive, red can be acrid, like the flaming hot flakes you pour on your pizza. but red is also poetic. red is the field of poppies, blooming in harmony as they welcome spring. red is the last hue of the sky before the day sleeps. red are the shriveled up autumn leaves, that crunch beneath your feet. red is the colour of rubies. red is priceless. red is everlasting. red is irreversible. red is life. 

orange depicts healing. it depicts joy. it depicts happiness. orange is soothing, like the first ray of light, that falls on your balcony. orange is vibrant, like a clear day in the middle of spring. orange is the fire that burns inside you. orange is togetherness. orange is unity. orange is the marigold which signifies the fragility of life, and yet, never stops blooming. orange is healing.

yellow is bright. yellow portrays clarity. it portrays loyalty. it portrays honour. yellow is the field of mustard you dream of going to. yellow is the sun shining at its zenith at mid-day. yellow is the butter you spread lightly, evenly on your soul. yellow is the corn you feed to the canary; it satisfies her. it completes her. it helps her live. yellow is the colour of your walls. yellow is the colour of your mind. yellow is innocent. Yellow is the colour of your soul, filled with intricate, undying dreams. Bright, like the rays that fall upon you. yellow is that sunlight.

green is the colour of nature. green is peace. it signifies good luck. green is fresh. green is the emerald, hidden in a vault, away from your eyes. But green is also the grass, which grows in your lawn, available to all. green is both open and discreet. shy and extroverted, at the same time. green is the leave of the tree, which never stopped growing, and never will. Like your beliefs. green is luxurious. like you, the leprechaun is also finding gold at the end of the rainbow. a reward, for his efforts. a reward, for your efforts. green is breathtaking. 

blue illustrates wisdom. serenity. calmness. it illustrates harmony in the flag. harmony between the people. regardless of their sexuality, regardless of their exterior. harmony between their souls. blue is the everlasting sky. the sky, so spectacular, with smudges of white slivering across the infinite cerulean canvas. blue are your memories. blue are the nights you spent with your friends in front of a bonfire. blue is the unmeasurable, incomprehensible ocean, flowing across worlds, across borders, until the horizon; unstoppable. you are the blue ocean, your thoughts wandering around the innumerable coasts you pass. the wind fluttering above you, gliding through you. you remember blue. blue is unforgettable. blue is magnificent 

purple depicts nobility. it depicts royalty. it depicts extravagance. it depicts magic. purple is the lavender, the perfume you wear to school. purple is the amethyst, priceless. purple are the galaxies, stretching across the cosmic universe. purple is mysterious. purple is star-studded, dots of white gleaming in the night sky. purple is the poetry you write. the words that spill out of your heart, and drop on parchments. purple are the mulberries, falling on your shoulder in the summers. purple is stunning. absolutely astounding. purple is incredible. purple is that madness, that never-ending, almost too much enthusiasm, the excitement, the spirit. on the flag, purple is that spirit.

the six horizontal stripes.
the six colours,
that make up your soul.

six horizontal stripes, we truly accept.
six horizontal stripes, which leave you
astounded, overwhelmed, broken, complete.
six horizontal stripes,
extraordinarily beautiful.


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