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Heyo! I’m Lauren, a high school sophomore who loves reading too many fantasy novel series, listening to music, and eating a probably unhealthy amount of ice cream.

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As I've said in the footnotes, I'm not a great poet, but hey, a girl can try. Please let me know if there's anything I can fix or improve or revise! :)

The Girl Who Became a Snail

June 25, 2020


I am sitting amongst textbooks,
Piled high like paper turrets
Shelves of redundant information,
Worms of highlighter ink
brightly staining every word.

The going is dull--
My notes resemble the squiggly legs of
a crushed spider,
Lines are no longer lines but
Straggly strands of wet seaweed
I fall asleep.

I awake amongst textbooks,
Enormous tomes trembling on an enormous spanse
of wooden tabletop. 
A desk lamp sprouts ginormously,
Sparks light like a blinding sun.

I have no limbs,
I inch across paper leaving behind
Trails of my own incapability,
Slower than ever, 
Spindly body weeping the
Slime of my own sluggishness.

I realize I have
become the girl who became
a snail.  
I'm not really a poet per se, if the puerile rhymes I wrote when I was younger count as poetry. Nevertheless, I decided to give poetry a try again, as this odd "poem" demonstrates. 


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  • Starcatcher

    Wow loved this soooooo cute!!!!!!!! :)

    7 months ago
  • sunny.v

    don’t be worried that it’s odd, it was a cute little read, honestly! haha the snail was a nice conclusion~

    7 months ago
  • Sol noctis

    This is amazing....

    7 months ago