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"people often reveal their true colours when they are held accountable for their actions; there are those who want to make amends and improve their behaviour and those who don't."
- amalia costa (wtw alum)

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no longer active. those with words to say can reach me on prose.

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just reminding y'all posting weird political propaganda: i'm sapphic, i'm pro-choice and anti-gun. so basically everything you conservatives hate :)))

i forgot that i hate talking about myself so this q&a was hard to finish | #askthewriter

July 4, 2020


it would be an understatement to say that i got way more questions than i was prepared for. please excuse how long it took to release these answers, but there was a lot to think about. without further ado, here are the answers to your burning (or even lightly smouldering) questions.



favourite trope?
enemies/rivals to lovers. there’s something inexplicably poetic about how a passion of one kind can so easily turn out to be another. also, found family.

favourite wtwers?
see my #appreciationpost

least favorite trope?
men writing women, women writing teenage boys. the protagonist getting together with the bad-boy type when he’s clearly abusive and it’s a toxic relationship. male entitlement and behaviour over rejection. the main character being too special for their own good. the cool girl wearing all black and combat boots and not being allowed to act feminine because god forbid showing weakness loses her some degree of her oh so important autonomy. there are probably more that i can’t remember right now. i think you can see that i hate a lot of things.

physical appearance?
ink smudged on hands, flesh under nails (they fade at the top like a sunrise), scars on my feet like christ, scars on the back of my heels like achilles, veins tracing highways through my arms (they’ve always been so blue but now they seem grey - are my eyes turning dull or is my vitality fading?)
tired eyes, an angry brow (often creased), a soft jaw, the gentle curve of a cheek, perpetually dishevelled hair (not for lack of trying)

thing you love most about wtw?
the interface - it’s easy to navigate and quite pleasing to look at. oh, and the writing of course.

thing you love about yourself?
this is quite a personal question, and one that i’m having difficulty answering. perhaps my honesty. it is one of the few brazen qualities i have.

one thing you would change about how people perceive you?
i want to be able to invoke a sense of awe and fear, to be respected every way that matters.

any favorite comedians?
james acaster, john mulaney, nish kumar, kitty flanagan, celia pacquola, sam pang, charlie pickering, phil wang, urzila carlson.

a song that never gets old?
test drive by john powell. utter exhilaration and triumph.

your writing process?
1. get an idea.
2. write it.
3. let it sit. do not let anyone look at it.
4. read it again and decide if you hate it.
5. hate it but post it anyway.
6. profit.

how are you such an icon?
feigned indifference, justified anger, and lots of patience.

an author you're inspired by?
i don’t find myself particularly inspired by many authors of the modern age, simply because we’ve gotten so used to writing flowery descriptions and providing detailed insight into every single thing in the world of the story. when it comes to inspiration, i look to simpler tales, and you didn’t know this already, i’d be surprised, because i adore fairy tales and folk tales. there’s something about the simplicity and forwardness of stories passed down for generations purely by tongue - some parts changing significantly over time, but the important jist of the story remaining indefinitely. 

you are a doctor at a top hospital. you have six gravely ill patients, five of whom are in urgent need of organ transplants. the sixth patient, however, will die without a particular medicine. if they die, you will be able to save the other five patients by using the organs of patient 6, who is an organ donor. what do you do?
this is an ethical dilemma, no doubt. but i recently watched the children act, and i know that the lives of the many outweigh the death of a few. (this does not, of course, apply to mass genocide to make aryans feel better.) since i have no indication of whether i am in possession of the particular medicine, i will pretend, in this hypothetical scenario, that i have been promised that the medicine is coming, but i do not know when, or if it will even come at all. i will let the one die to save the five, even if it is someone i dearly love.

if you could make everyone on earth read one book, which one would you choose, and why?
it will be a book i have written called “why climate change is real and y’all need to step the fuck up: our planet is dying”. i think the “why” is pretty self-explanatory.

any shows you would recommend?
i’ve heard she-ra is quite good. i don’t really watch tv. no time.

if there was one thing you would want people in the distant future to know about this time, what would it be?
there is injustice so we are fighting. if in the future where you are, you are no longer fighting, i hope it is because we won. i hope we are no longer fighting for what the ignorant and willfully blind cannot understand.

what intrigues you about greek mythology? i notice you use it a lot in your pieces.
it doesn't really intrigue me as much as it is a kind of crutch for my writing. the greeks are so often romanticised in literature because there are a few select deities which are elevated to a certain degree which allows them to remain present in the collective consciousness more easily, e.g. aphrodite, zeus, hades, etc. tldr; i write about it more than i should because it's easy for people to take interest, and it's easier for me to try and put a new spin on characters which have been a talking point in modern media for centuries.

how would you describe your writing style?
wistful, blunt, inevitably meaningless.

where do you draw inspiration from?
the world and everything in it, existing literature, the words of those i respect, that which resides within myself that i cannot explain.

are there any piece ideas you have but haven't gotten to write yet?
yes. there are three specific projects that i will not be posting on wtw, a queer retelling of “the princess on the glass hill”, the completion of a series i have since removed from my published pieces (title to be revised, but it’s the one featuring isla and astrid, for the few of you who remember), and a character study of the characters of eurydice and persephone from hadestown and why they married the men they did.

are you a part of any niche communities?
yes. (you’ll have to drag it out of me. you won’t find the answer you seek here.)

what is one thing you'd do if there were no consequences?
immediately make all carbon emission contributors disappear. distribute all the wealth of celebrities and millionaires/billionaires to those who need it more. shoot every misogynist, racist and rapist in the head and then immediately enact stricter gun laws in america cos y’all can’t seem to do it yourselves.

what got you into writing?
reading, probably. either that or having ideas too big for my daydreams, and needing a way to capture them.

what's your greatest regret?
i’ve been thinking about how to answer this question for a long, long time. i’ve come to the conclusion that my greatest regret has not yet come to pass. (we’ll see if i let you know when it does.)

what is one thing you could ramble on about for hours?
how, in fictional characters, poison breeds poison. how ambition is never a bad thing for a woman to have, even if she is “evil”. how “good” will not win without fighting and sometimes sacrificing that which we love.

lastly, to take a page from your book, how are you? ;)
i simply am, my dear.

what genre would your life be if it was a book?
it wouldn’t. there are no lessons to be learned from my life. i am a product of the mundane, and even plainer than that.

what's your favorite flower?
orchids and rhododendrons.

coffee or tea?
neither. i don’t partake in caffeinated drinks.

what are some strange smells or feels you like?
the smell of humid air, the velveteen of a single rose petal, a sea cucumber underwater.

what would your ideal writing process be like? how does that compare to your typical writing process?
ideal: write regularly and finish projects in reasonable amounts of time
typical: short bursts of irregular productivity (often when i should be asleep), always burning out before finishing any project i genuinely care about

if you were a character in a teen movie, who would you be?
the part-timer at the convenience store who gets two lines.

who would you want to play you in a biopic?
it’s bloody hard to find biracial actresses who aren’t drop dead gorgeous, let alone not american. so i cut my losses and tried to find the ones most similar to me, or who i aspire to be like. mary elizabeth winstead isn’t biracial but i love her vibes; jessica henwick looks kinda like me? (these are the reasons why i should never be a casting director for any characters that aren’t purely fictional.)

one thing i love about your writing is that it's so lyrical. do you pay specific attention to sound/rhythm when you write?
not at all. it just comes out that way. (and thank you for this undeserving compliment. you’re an absolute goddess when it comes to poetry - lyricism is such a key tenet in my opinion of your writing!)

how the hell do you conceptualize such great pieces?
natural genius, darling. it can’t be taught.

describe your current surroundings.
the yellow light from the bulb-headed chandeliers hanging above my head cast a honey-like viscosity over the room - i am lethargic, it is harder to move here. a vase of pussywillow sits in front of me, a remnant from a chinese new year that has long passed. the birds are quiet - it is night time and even the devil must sleep. the moon has not set for three days.

do you have a phrase/word that you over-use? this can be irl or in writing :)
in response to any statement: “sure”

how are you such an angel? ily lmao
i suppose i’m not the conventional type of angel - more old testament. reward the good, smite the bad, that sort of thing. though i wish my angelic power had a bit more of a physical manifestation than it currently does. (words can only do so much.)

favourite language?
if i’m being pretentious, latin. (if i’m being ironic, german.)

you have to pick a weapon to master, which would you choose?

sword-wielding women or female pirates?
sword-wielding women - why restrict myself to female pirates when they too wield cutlasses? knights and privateers - truly the best of both worlds.

an artist you love and why? 
it kills me that i can’t answer this question to my fullest satisfaction because i only follow artists on most of my socials, so by only offering a few, it’s more than likely that i’d be missing some other incredible artists. and that’s not even taking into account additional traditional and nationally recognised artists, aka dead guys. in order to not betray my failing classical arts education, i guess i’ll just recommend klimt, mucha and monet. (i hate how basic this is.) (and i guess while i’m just caving in and doing the bare minimum, i’ll recommend @kiana_hamm and @lesly_oh on twitter and @stil_lindigo on ig. i am full of self loathing rn but i know if i try to include every single notable artist i know, we’re going to end up with a piece longer than my 2019 highlights.)

you ask this question often, and i'm curious what your opinion is: why do we write postcards? 
to say “with the few words i have, i will tell you that i miss you and i love you”.

broadsword or longsword? katana or wakizashi? 
longsword. wakizashi.

if humanity could speak only one language, what would you choose it to be? 
to reduce all the beauty in the world to simply one spoken language would remove so many of all the chains of words that have been created to try and explain that we are here - life is beautiful and painful but all we can do is try to be better, and if that isn’t enough, it’s ok. i’d rather go mute than condemn the world to a loss of untranslatable words. as lauren collins said in the new yorker, “languages are reservoirs of emotion, second languages can be rivers undammed, freeing their speakers to ride different currents.”

tell me about your favourite goddess, either fictional, mythological, or existing only in your imagination. 
i think she is a goddess of the sun. i shy away from her - her divinity scorches my mortal skin - but when i am at ease with myself, she only shines gently on my back. i only talk to her at night because she is so busy during the daytime - i like to think i am her sole twilight acolyte. she listens to my sorrows, my anger, my devotion to those so different from her. i tell her of my grandfather and ask her to watch over him, even if he did not believe in her as i do. we are not exclusive - i pray to other gods too - but when i am not specifically addressing the others, i know i am talking to her and her alone. to pin an appearance on divinity seems like blasphemy - i cannot see her face, but i hear her whisper in my ear the moment before i fall into sleep and i feel her hands brush my hair back from my face. i cannot see her, but she is beautiful in every way.

favourite and least favourite names?
favourite: names that connote objects, places or titles, but only when used for poc or queer characters because cishets don’t deserve to be more “special” than they already are (e.g. river, york, dean, jasper, roman, wick)
least favourite: boomer names and privileged white people names (e.g. john, richard, deborah, julie, marie, chad, brad, any spelling of hailey or ashley that goes beyond the exact two spellings i’ve put here, karen, sandra)

bow and arrow or dagger? katanas or throwing knives?
dagger. throwing knives. (though i'd have to practice using them.)

what or who introduced you to wtw?
the aforementioned araw.

how are you so cool??? (teach me)
i learned how to write in a way that means i am heard. if you want to be taught, read some books and study up. there are no shortcuts.

if you could have a weird or fantastical animal for a pet or companion, what species would it be?
i know this is derogatory since i’d never call it an “animal” under usual circumstances, but for a companion, a centaur would be very useful. i’m assuming that this centaur is capable of human speech, can help me make quick getaways, and is skilled in archery to quickly end my foes. for a pet, probably some kind of elemental.

favourite weather?

purses or backpacks?

sunrise or sunset?

if you could stop aging at any point and stay one age forever, what age would it be and why?
probably 60. older women are targeted less frequently for sexual assault. also, being a mean old lady sounds like fun.

would you rather have an orchestra always follow you around and play music based on your actions (like a movie) or have someone constantly narrating everything you do (like a book)?
do i get a license to kill.

pet peeves?
people blasting music through speakers in public buses, people running up and down the aisle of public buses for no reason, people yelling at each other from across the bus - basically just people on buses who don’t know how common courtesy works and in the process, pisses off everyone around them. it may be fun for you, but not for the rest of us.

funniest/strangest thing that has happened to you in quarantine?
found a centipede looking insect that was nearly as long as my forearm and as thick as two fingers. it looked like it crawled out of the cambrian.

what time of day are you most productive? (night owl, morning person, etc)
anytime before lunch.

describe your dream house
jars of potpourri in the bathrooms and on a small table next to the entryway. terrariums hanging from the ceiling. a reading nook near a tall window, with a chaise lounge and lots of cushions. somewhere high up, close to something natural, like a park, or a tree growing out of the sidewalk. a beige paint job - white is far too definite, too blinding - or perhaps even natural wood panels or brickwork. a suitable number of bean bags. a designated library, with a ladder to reach the top shelf. i don’t care where this house is, just as long as it’s quiet.

if you came with a warning label, what would it say?

you can make one mythological creature real. which one do you pick and why?
probably the fair folk. i like the idea of twisted deals with the fae and leaving thimbles full of water on windowsills in exchange for some light housekeeping.

what motivates/inspires you every day?

favourite fruit?

how did you change during quarantine, if at all?
i found more ways to keep busy. in other words, i’m endorsing my tendency to procrastinate.

what do you steadfastly believe in (values, morals)?
the capacity for great good and great evil inherently in the human nature

i noticed you live in australia; how's it unique/special from other countries?
it’s harder to bring awareness to those who have been killed by our “justice” systems because having video footage of an Aboriginal person who is deceased goes against their spirituality and cultural customs. in other words: racism is everywhere, australia’s no less fucked than other predominantly white countries.

do you think creativity is taught or born with?
i believe creativity exists in a capacity in every person, it’s just a matter of how they tap into it. some use their creativity to engineer bridges, design high rises, while others write songs, sketch and paint, tell bedtime stories at night. “creativity” stems from an act of creation, even caring for a single flower, planting a garden - i believe even these are expressions of “creativity”. in its essence, “creativity” is expressing what you love.

favourite food?

favourite animal?
cats and kingfishers.

poetry or prose?

dance or sing?

favorite movie?
greta gerwig’s little women, how to train your dragon, the red turtle, thor: ragnarok.

is anha your real name? if not, why/how'd you choose it for your username?
no, it’s not. i pity anyone who has a name as strange as this. i chose it because it’s short, it’s easy to remember, and it was an inside joke with araw back in the day.

opinions on ya fiction?
it’s fun to read when it’s well written and avoids overdone cliche without being overly “unique”.

writers (not on wtw) you look up to?
madeline miller, sebastien de castell, neil gaiman, laini taylor, margaret atwood, leigh bardugo, nina lacour, david levithan, richard silken, anne carson, david malouf, benjamin alire saenz, and sally green. (this is ignoring dead classical writers like t.s.eliot, emily dickinson, langston hughes, c.s.lewis and robert frost.)

some pieces that helped shape your writing?
most of elisa’s writing. (ultimately, all the pieces i've liked over the years have shaped my writing in some way, but specifics escape me at this moment.)

how old are you? (i realized yesterday you just seemed godlike and ageless and now this question plagues me)
as old as stars and as young as dust. age is just a number.

best time to write?
before bed. the stillness of the night promotes thoughts usually hindered by the busy day-to-day.

last movie that made you cry?
greta gerwig’s little women. the realisation that childhood is gone and there’s nothing you can do to try and get it back, to harden yourself to this new world you’ve entered, and to say, “i cannot love you as i used to, i cannot love you the way you want me to,” but to find yourself saying, “i want so desperately to be loved that i’m questioning every choice i’ve ever made for those who loved me once”. the cinematic parallels between beth’s recovery and her death moved me to tears - there was no room for any other response in my heart.

describe your music taste in five words.
genre - such a restrictive word.

other hobbies?
researching mythos and ancient history, trying to ensure the prosperity of my high school’s communal sea monkeys, stealing fictional characters and making them my own. (by any means necessary.)

how long have you been on wtw?
almost two years, at this point. it’s been a while.

if you could choose to either die in a lava pit or a geyser what would it be?
geyser. i feel like i would die from the shock of the impact faster than from any real heat. a lava pit consumes you slowly, painfully, rendering your flesh from bone in an excruciating display of righteous elemental fury. the smell would also be terrible.

if you could describe yourself as a color what would it be and why?
red. i feel every emotion much more strongly than i used to. 

pineapple on pizza or not?
no. it hurts my tongue - i know there is an acid in pineapples that dissolves flesh, but it could just be allergies.

favourite stand-alone book?
the song of achilles by madeline miller.

would you rather fight a bear or a lion? why so?
the answer to this question is a matter of whether i want to win or wish for a quick death. on one hand, the bear is likely strong enough to deliver a killing blow with a single swipe. on the other, the lion is faster and is likely to hunt in a pack. if i want to survive, i would fight the bear. (it is unlikely i would emerge victorious, but life is more important than a trophy kill.) if i had a choice, i would not be fighting an animal in the first place.

if you could design your own flag what would it look like?
a sword with a golden hilt and a quill with an inkwell attached to its base forming a cross on a royal blue background.

what would you name a new language?
no matter what i name this language, it will inevitably be called something else by those who do not speak my tongue. so look inside yourself and ask yourself what i would name it. in your heart, you know what it is. though it may be different to the person sitting next to you, they are both the names for the same wonderful creation.

last but not least, sparrow or robin?
sparrow. appreciate the plain, the simple.

what’s your favourite topic/subject to read about on here?
pieces that give the gays what they want, in any genre whatsoever.

going off of the previous questions, what’s your favourite to write about?
reinterpreting literature with queer subtext. (i’m including folklore under the heading of “literature”.)

if you could blend some people’s writing style (on wtw or just in general) to make your personally favoured style, who’d you blend?
i’d love to see how neil gaiman’s knack for the uncanny translates into the bard-like poetic prose that david malouf or madeline miller use.

what cliche character trope are you? aka, if we were all book characters on a ya journey, who’d you be?
the level-headed friend that says, “fuck the patriarchy and acab,” and while i respect the concept of laws, it is likely i will break as many as i deem unjust or unnecessary.

do you feel your irl personality translates well to here?
i am not obligated to show any one every facet of my being - “personality” is a broad term, and what i’m interpreting it as is “how one is perceived in certain social situations”. as there is a sort of glass wall between the writer and the reader, and intonation and intention can often be lost through the visual medium, i believe it is impossible to perceive any person as they are, either online or offline. in this world, perception is truth. whatever you think i am, i am.

your favourite wtw pieces that you’ve written?
probably my queer literature series, including notable pieces such as the Lady of Belmont and ​finger my lapel, bring us home.

how tall are you?
not tall enough.

mbti type, love language, hogwarts house? (we’re ignoring jkr in this house)
mbti: intp-t
love language: acts of service
hogwarts house: i took a very popular uquiz to confirm what i suspected was true. i recommend this quiz for anyone else who also wants a “more accurate” reading of their personality. (i got slytherin.)

how’re you so *vague gestures* divine?
i’m not, you’re blinded from looking at your computer too long. stare at the sky for a bit to reset your eyes.

where would you vacation to, ignoring all other costs, and why?
anywhere with roman ruins or abandoned european castles that have been turned into museums. perhaps some cathedrals too, even though i’ve lost some of the love i had for them. my relationship with faith is turbulent.

do you make playlists, and if so, do you have a particular playlist that you find yourself listening to most often?
i’ve only ever made a few playlists, i mostly listen to playlists others have made. i’m currently obsessed with a revolution playlist called “we will not rest” on spotify - it calms down my anger without trying to actively make me happier.

where do you usually write? on notebooks, and then type them up later? directly onto the computer?
my writing is heavily dependent on continuity. a piece handwritten must be completed in the book, but a typed piece cannot be continued independently in a physical book without being able to see what i’ve written before that point.

what do you consider the most overrated virtue?
chastity. virginity is a construct, it means absolutely nothing. neither having it nor losing it makes you any better or worse than anybody else. it’s sickening when people’s expressions of sexuality are used against them.

what’s the best bird of prey?
the harpy eagle.

what songs do you listen to when you feel sad/depressed and want to feel better? what songs do you listen to when you feel sad and want to keep feeling sad for a while?
these are just a few that i can think of right now:
feel better: test drive (john powell), bring on the monsters (the lightning thief), four friends (ghost quartet), edge of seventeen (stevie nicks), i love the nightlife (alicia bridges), hey jude (the beatles)
keep feeling: love of my life (queen), time adventure (rebecca sugar), talk to me (cavetown), do you realize?? (the flaming lips), hero (ghost quartet), mystery of love (sufjan stevens)

sleeping with or without socks?
usually without, but winter can get cold sometimes.

if you were a bird, what type of bird do you think you’d be?
the oriental magpie.

what’s the creepiest/most paranormal experience you’ve ever had?
everyone in my house is asleep except for me. i’m lying awake in bed in the dark, facing the door, and i hear a deep male voice (not my father’s - and he’s asleep besides) saying, “goodnight [name],” outside my closed bedroom door and walking away. i know that auditory hallucinations are much more common than visual, and since it hasn’t happened again, we’ll pin it on that. other minor paranormal activities: doors shake when no one’s near them (but that might just be down to my house being old), and scratches appearing on my arms, shoulders and back after discussing the spirit currently occupying a friend’s house (i’ve never directly come into contact with her - the spirit, i mean - but since her house frequently gets blessed, these effects shouldn’t be harmful long-term).

which of the seven deadly sins do you think you most embody? which of the seven virtues?
sins: i’m so glad you didn’t phrase the question as “which one of the seven deadly sins” because god knows i’m a terrible person. but when it comes to “most”, i’m finding it difficult to choose between sloth, wrath and pride. (of course, i’m still very guilty of the sins of gluttony, greed and envy, just in lesser quantities.) (i’m entirely free from lust, thank god.)
virtues: it’s much harder to claim you’re virtuous. perhaps chastity (for obvious reasons) and humility. (as prideful as i am, i hate to brag.)

what's ur gay aesthetic (e.g. cottagecore, dark academia, lovecore, etc)
cottagecore is lovely - i’d like to become the kind of person who could easily be associated with it, but i think at this point i don’t really have an aesthetic. dark academia comes the closest, but i find it a bit pretentious so i won’t claim it outright.

what, if any, cliche romance novel/movie moment do you secretly (or not so secretly) crave?
hesitant hand brushes, falling asleep on the other’s shoulder, running away from things they should be doing to act stupid and be together.

how do you maintain your lovely take no shit attitude? i admire it greatly
my mother is a very take-no-prisoners kind of woman, so i suppose i took it from her. i’ve been subconsciously learning how to not take any shit my entire life. the thing is, changing who you are isn’t really an issue for me. most of the time, if i make a conscious decision to change, i just change. i didn’t have much presence as a child, and i guess you could chalk that up to not knowing a lot. once you realise the state of the world, it becomes a lot easier to become angry. one of my major rules in life is: don’t talk about something you know nothing about. if you always follow this method, you’ll never look like a fool or be kindly “educated” by others because you couldn’t be bothered to do your own research.


thank you all so much for your questions! there is a high probability that i'll end up deleting this after noticing how my opinions have changed after a month or so, or how juvenile my language sounds when not actively writing something formal. but perhaps it will stay for longer. who's to say.
this is more than five thousand words. and here i thought it would just be a bit of fun.


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  • elisa

    anja ur divine. ily

    3 months ago
  • sunny.v

    (also, p.s., finally got around to taking that uquiz: i got ravenclaw, which i’ve always thought was pretty fitting! thanks for directing us to the wonderful quiz, every question was so much more fascinating than the usual sorting hat personality test.)

    5 months ago
  • Dmoral

    I MISSED ASKING YOU QUESTIONS!?!?! i'm like, big heart broken now.
    and thanks for your kind words, i've actually quite a good amount of new pieces i haven't even share on that other writing site ;) ;), hopefully, you'll like them! also, heads up---i had some major good ideas for the twilight keeper series!!
    lastly, can't wait to read some of your work!!

    5 months ago
  • Ella R. Baker

    Wow, this was really amazing to read and hear some of your opinions. I have to agree with you on music taste. “Genre-such a restrictive word,” just brought a smile to my face. :D hope you’re well.

    5 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    wow, i’ve had an auditory hallucination almost exactly like that, except it WAS my dad’s voice but he was on a trip at the time so i knew it couldn’t have been him. love your list of admired authors/poets, great answers!

    5 months ago
  • avoiding the big bang

    oh, i loved greta gerwig's interpretation of little women too! i read the book when i was around twelve, and to be honest i found it really boring. it's like the sort of book you're supposed to read for fun, but whatever "timeless classic" nonsense critics came up with i just found it too long. watching the movie completely changed my perception of it. it's a beautifully directed and acted film (minus maybe emma watson's failed attempt at an american accent). you'd expect the flashbacks to and from the present to be confusing, but it works - it stops the story from seeming too happily-ever-after at the end. i wasn't such a fan of jo writing the actual "little women" though; it was a bit too cliche. but the movie just completely changed my view on the book. i finally saw the value in the story and i'm really grateful for that.

    5 months ago
  • Halopoet

    So i too, that hogwarts house quiz that you mentioned and i turned out be a ravenclaw. The pottermore quiz said i was a gryffindor. Just thought I'd let you know

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    reading this i think i got a little closer to enlightenment. probably the most eloquent answers i've seen on a q&a in wtw, very much enjoyed reading this. (my skin is clear, my crops are watered-). reading these questions, i only want to know more about you! (but that'll have to wait for now). niche communities?????? Owo? but wow, the sheer power flowing off those words, it's like you're feeding us bits of yourself but still keeping some to yourself and piquing our interest! truly masterful, wow. i loved reading this answers (+bits of wisdom?), so wow, thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions! <333

    5 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    this is gorgeous. i think, perhaps, that this is a strange way to describe an informal piece of writing, but i'll say it anyway.
    also, i took that quiz and i'm blown away by the beauty of it. the language that it's written in *nerds out quietly in my little corner.* oh, and i got slytherin.

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    what i got from this is that anha’s chaotic neutral (?) and an emo slytherin :’) kidding. cottagecore is adorable and a lovely aesthetic, tho i do think (sorry!) dark academia comes more to mind when thinking about you. also, given your response to the height question, just to stroke my own ego i’m going to pretend i’m taller than you (i’m rarely taller than anyone, and it’s my way of “sizing people up”). thank you for such interesting answers! <3

    5 months ago
  • mia_:)

    thanks for the answers! i haven't seen little women yet, but it looks amazing and my sister forced me to watch thor: ragnarok and i really enjoyed it! you seem super cool! i hope you have a fantastic day, queen!

    5 months ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    aaah thanks for answering our questions!!

    5 months ago
  • jyotsna.r.n

    I'm hopelessly in love with the enemies-to-lovers trope * sighs dramatically* Also, did I see Leigh Bardugo in the fave authors list??? AAH I love Six of Crows- reading it was the best thing that happened in quarantine!!!

    5 months ago
  • Wicked!

    Ahh I remember Isla and Astrid! That goddess sounds absolutely divine (this is redundant ig, but then not all goddesses are divine, really).

    5 months ago
  • asta

    little women absolutely defined my life for a few months after i first watched it, and so did thor: ragnarok. "what motivates you? spite." had me cackling, you're an inspiration, truly.

    5 months ago