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A Cue

June 24, 2020


I hear them.
Is it really okay to have a criminal in our class?
Every single thought that’s floating around a person’s mind. Some people are easy to see through, but others need time. Though I’m technically not allowed to do more than brush past a person's mind because of my Restriction, I doubt I’d see anything worth knowing from any of these people anyway. I look around the classroom and the only ones I can’t see are Armstrong’s (as expected) and that girl from the office.
I haven't paid enough attention to know her name. She has the desk next to window, and the sun makes her blond hair look like gold. Earlier, she met my gaze head on, which is pretty rare since no one else would dare. Just like the teacher, she has a surprisingly firm grip on her mind. It must have to do with her Gift. 
Not that I care.
The bell rings, saving the class from more of today's tortuous lecture on history. Before the teacher can formally dismiss, students are jumping out their seats in relief. 
Taking the small distraction as a cue to get out of this godforsaken place, I try to sneak out quietly.  
“Don't you dare try to leave, boy.” Armstrong growls.
I sigh, "What now?"
"You stay here too, Anderson." Our teacher tells the girl, who freezes. "This involves you also."
This is another excerpt from the fantasy series I've worked on and still need to honestly (there's no title to the work because I still don't know what to call it lol). I wrote this story in alternating perspectives between the female and male main characters. So this is from the boy's perspective.
If you're interested, the excerpt from the girl's perspective is called "Bad News" in my Published Work! Thanks!


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  • bellairet

    Very interesting. I would definitely read your series!

    8 months ago