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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference

Burning Brownies

August 18, 2016

(The scene takes place in a living room, right next to the kitchen.)

Girl: (Sits in the living room, nervously patting soot from her shirt.)
Dad: (Enters room, putting down work bag, when he speaks, it is tired and dull) I'm home.
Girl: Oh, hi dad! (Replies quickly, fingers tapping her knee)
Dad: (Sits down on chair beside her, laptop on his lap, working.)

(A silence passes)

Dad: (gets up) I'm thirsty, I'm going to get a glass of water.
Girl: (leaps up and runs between dad and door) N-NO! I mean... you've been working so hard... I.. I'll get it for you!
Dad: (slightly confused) Ahh,thank you. (sits back down)
Girl: (goes into kitchen and prepares water, avoiding piles of dust on floor)
Girl: Here you go! (Comes out and passes the glass of water to her dad)
Dad: Oh, thanks.
Girl: (sits back down)

(More silence)

Dad: (sips waterand frowns) Ugh.. why is there ash in the water?
Girl: I.. auh... you know... those darn pipes..!
Dad: What? How does the pipes connect to ash in the water?
Girl: You know... our neighbours. You know how Michelle has that nasty habit of smoking, disposing the stuff in the toilet...
Dad: Do..Do our pipes connect?
Girl: Of course they do! (scared)
Dad: You know, I think I'll check the pipes right now...
Girl: (shoots out of chair, blocking dad from kitchen) No, dad! Don't! It..Its fine! Just sit back down...
Dad: Are you hiding something from me?
Girl: N..No...! Just... go back and sit down...!
Dad: Let me see. (pushes girl aside to go into kitchen) What are you hiding? It can't be that...

(Kitchen is covered in ash.)

Dad: ..bad...
Girl: (Nervous) You know... it isn't as bad as it looks.
Dad: Why is the kitchen... burnt..?
Girl: I may have had trouble with the oven...
Dad: What... (opens oven, a cloud of smoke billows out) What? Are those.. brownies?
Girl: I may or may not have followed the brownie recipe correctly... but-
Dad: You burnt down the kitchen! Do you know how much this is going to cost to fix?
Girl: Dad, I-
Dad: You know I'm getting little money from the job I have, THREE jobs actually! You know your mother's in the hospital, and hospitals cost a lot. And with you mom in her current condition.. and unable to work, we need to be careful with our money!
Girl: But-
Dad: And what did you do? You made a kitchen fire because you were having fun playing 'cooking brownies'!
Girl: (Tries to say something, but stops, looking dejected)
Dad: (Storms out into living room, sitting down. He takes the phone to call a clean up crew)
Girl: (Sits back down silently)
Dad: Aurgh, they're not picking up. Why were you even making brownies, huh? You never made brownies, so why now? Why at this time? Why during our situation? (Shouting, angry)
Girl: (In soft voice) I don't know... I thought It'd be a good gift for Father's Day...


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