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put a timer for 5 minutes, and wrote this... work. i am trying to get out of this block. agh

satire words darlin'

June 23, 2020


satire words / you lean on my door-frame / darlin' / pop rock lights above our heads / i strung them up for you the other night / while you were out dancing with the stars / i knew you'd like them / drops of crystalline lashes brush against my cheek / you hold me tight / one two three/ our hearts beat / drums of time / darlin' spin me round / i want to feel the wind / i want to kiss her / you know i do / so you throw me high / you catch my wings and we soar / i reckon, if you say the sea glass glow / would you see them echoing in my eyes? / satire words, darlin' / satire words, and you slink out the door to sail the rain slick paths


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