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Broken hearts from a Day-dream | #myrose | TW

June 23, 2020



    Day never claimed to be a good boyfriend. He tried to be a decent one. He had his fair share of anger issues, among other things. Despite all that, he really did try to be, at the very least, adequate. He would try his best to be attentive towards his partner, Lee, even if he was caught up in work. He almost never lost his head at Lee, and on the off occasion that he did, he would admit his mistake. Most importantly, he was always faithful.
    Lee was… a bit different. They were pretty much the ideal partner. Day would come home from a long day at work, and Lee would have dinner ready, and a romantic night already planned. Day found it difficult to imagine them cheating, but here they were, arguing with Day in the kitchen.
    "I told you, Lee, you can't just go around partying with other people while I'm at work!" Day shouted, his eyes tired.
    Lee crossed their arms and narrowed their eyes at Day. "Wow. I didn't know you were so obsessive you won't even let me go out anymore," they deadpanned.
    Day threw his arms up. "Going to a party and hooking up with like, three different people while you're there are two very different things, Lee!"
    Lee's face tinged with red. "That's a lie."
    "How should I know anymore?"
    "You think you can't trust me?"
    "Why should I?"
    "Screw you!"
    Lee turned and paced around the room, their hands shaking from anger. Day struggled to compose himself.
    "Look," Day started, his tone harsher than he intended. "I get it, Lee. I'm never around, and I wish I could be. I just wish…" Day sighed. "I wish we could have just talked about it."
    Lee snapped their gaze back to Day. Day couldn't tell if Lee was holding back tears, or if they were just tense. "Day-" their voice broke. "You know I love you, right? I would never do anything to lose you."
    "Then why did you cheat?" Day asked. He wasn't angry anymore. Just disappointed.
    Lee rubbed their forehead. "I made a mistake. I was drunk."
    "That doesn't justify anything, and you know it," Day muttered, his voice barely louder than a whisper. But Lee heard. They heard every word out of Day's mouth.
    Lee opened their mouth to argue, then closed it again. They seemed to be debating on what to say.
    Day broke the silence. "Lee, I thought you were the one, I really did."
    Lee couldn't stay quiet any longer. "What's that supposed to mean?"
    "It means we're done," Day said quietly. He just sounded sad. "You can go do whatever you want with that chick you met at the party. Just leave me out of it."
    Lee didn't know what to do. "You're not serious," they said in disbelief. "You're not serious," they repeated, as if saying it would make it come true.
    "Goodbye, Lee."
    Lee's eyes widened as they realized Day wasn't kidding. "Day! Just give me another chance!"
    Day wanted to feel satisfied, but all that was in his eyes was hurt. He hated walking away. He hated to hear Lee's pleas. But he had to. Day steeled himself, and then walked out the door, not even glancing back.
    At first, Lee wouldn't stop calling Day. It hurt Day, but he let it go to voicemail every time. He listened to every one of those voicemails, which was probably a mistake on his part. He would hear Lee's heartbroken voice, begging for a second chance. It took all of Day's willpower to shut the phone off and not respond.
    Weeks turned into months, and Lee's calls grew less frequent. Their messages went from desperate, to hopeless, to angry. Day stopped listening to them once Lee threatened to go to his house and kill him. Day knew it was an empty threat; Lee knew better than to get tangled up in the law. Still, he wouldn't put it past them, so he submitted the message to the cops and moved along.
    Lee stopped calling. Day assumed they got arrested, but he couldn't be sure. He told himself he didn't care, but he found himself looking up Lee's name, just to be sure. When he didn't find anything, he finally gave up. He couldn't be obsessed over his ex because he broke up with them. He needed to move on.
    A few years passed. Day found a boy named Tim, who he was incredibly in love with. Since Lee, Day hadn't really looked for any other partners, but Tim just so happened to be a new coworker. A conversation turned into a drink, which escalated from there. Day was happy, and he forgot all about Lee. They probably have a partner too, Day thought, and that was that.
    Lee was not happy. They truly loved Day, and couldn't bear to see him with someone else. So Lee would follow Day. They also had to lay low because apparently the police were on watch for them. They saw him at work, and they watched him return home each night. Every time, Day was alone. Until he wasn't.
    Lee was in their usual position to see Day go inside, when they noticed another person walking beside them. A brother perhaps? A parent? But no, that was just wishful thinking on Lee's part. It was made clear when Day gave this boy a kiss on the way inside. Lee's face flushed with rage when they saw this. They ached to go do something, but they knew they had to wait. Soon, Day would be all theirs.
    Under the cover of night, when Lee was sure Day was to be asleep, they crept to the open window near the laundry room. Lee knew this house inside and out, and so they carefully popped open the window and snuck inside. They made sure to keep their footsteps quiet, and kept a hand on the piece of smooth metal inside their jacket.
    Lee creaked open Day's bedroom door, readying themself to what they may find. It was nothing unusual, and the two boys slept soundly next to each other, both locked in an embrace. It sickened Lee, that Day could break up with them for cheating, and then do this. Unable to contain their anger any longer, they slowly pulled out that piece of metal.
    Lee aimed the knife directly for the boy's heart. They reached over, as to not disturb Day, and let out a small laugh that made both of them stir. But the boy barely had time to open his eyes before a knife was plunged into his chest. He let out a blood-curdling scream, and Day jumped to his feet.
    "Who are you?" Day roared. Somehow, he had a gun in his hands, trained on Lee's chest.
    Lee's eyes widened, and they stepped back, preparing to run.
    "Lee?" Day said, his voice quieter, finally recognizing his old partner.
    Lee took the opportunity to run, and raced for the doorway.
    Behind them, Day muttered, "I'm sorry," and then squeezed the trigger.
    A loud bang echoed through the air, and Lee fell to their knees. "How could you?" They cried out, howling in agony.
    Day wiped a tear from his eye and sank to the floor himself. With numb hands, he set the gun down. Just outside the window, he began to hear sirens, and soon, his driveway was filled with red and blue lights. He didn't care. His life wouldn't be the same. Both of his loves, dead.
    It was reported that the police in Day's house found three people, all dead. A gun and a knife were retrieved, and there was no saying if one of them was a killer, though one of them was a wanted fugitive. The world would never know what happened that night, and they would never know Day's story.
For prompt 5 of batman_is_a_cracker's contest.


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  • lindsmariebuck

    Okay, I'm being a little dramatic but still.

    5 months ago
  • lindsmariebuck

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You are mean! This is so sad. But it's also great writing (so like good job but why?????). Why did they all have to die? Why couldn't Day be happy?????????????

    5 months ago
  • batman_is_a_cracker

    Howdy. Thanks for entering my comp, bro! This piece was just filled with drama, I loved it *squeals*. The overall tone was so well developed and Day was such a sympathetic character. Good job on this piece and good luck in my contest~

    5 months ago
  • Cata Londo

    Also, good luck in the contest!

    5 months ago
  • Cata Londo

    I really enjoyed the progress in the character's traits. It is a very compelling story, great work!!

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    this is a very compelling story and it instantly drew me in from the get go, but for the sake of our other wtw users would it be helpful to put a TW in the title? nice story <3

    5 months ago