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danke, sunny

striking daughter of eurasia | sunny.v

June 23, 2020


i am the child of the rolling fields / raised by gentle cradle of the seas / bare feet splashing in the water’s heart / arching sails and hills rise from afar / kiss me softly, oh crooning firs 

i am the little girl of the wolves / those which hold daring in their eyes and mischief in their souls/ slinking body commanding a legend / pour the saftevand into sparkling cups / the dogs we take along the villages / be calm, young daughter / your family’s name is all that you are 

i am the daughter of downtown’s farmer’s market / olive tree branches stretched above / fluffy snow to brush my fingers / steam billows, warning, out of the kettle / dragonflies of white and green answer at my fingertips / iridescent wings beating at my fingertips / why do they only whisper to me? 

i am the baby born from the sandstorms / and the rolling mountains rising beneath us / soaring eagles channel the air / lunar new year marks your old roots / there is an old-fashioned sword on the wall / greyhound racers conquer the dunes / muddled languages on your tongue / look far: will you see yourself?
All credit goes to sunny.v’s ‘elegant daughter of asia’. Its such a breathtaking piece, sorry for tweaking it horribly, but i’m in a patch of writer’s block and. I. Need. Some. Inspiration. Thank you, you fuzzlemuddle of a butterfly’s clear wings<333


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  • Dmoral

    the second section was my favorite, the "i am the little girl of the wolves " caught my eyes so much that i read that one first when i clicked on this piece XD. overall, beautiful work!!

    11 months ago
  • elliem

    This piece is so gorgeous. I love seeing these spins on sunny's original piece!

    11 months ago
  • The Midnight One

    Love this piece, and it's so full of rich imagery, such a wonderful version!

    12 months ago
  • sunny.v

    hehe no problem, vinter <3 aaaah i love how parallel it is and i absolutely adore the little changes! it really takes me to your world...the sandstorms...the kettle...the sword....the wolves! awesome awesome and i love love love this <3

    12 months ago
  • dahlia

    beautiful work! sunny's and your pieces are both stunningly eloquent and grand. i love identity pieces like these

    12 months ago