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Writing Streak Week 13 Day 2- bar soap & blood

June 23, 2020


The shower's starting
thick globs of thin paint
crashing over one another
to douse the canvas white
scrubbing off the day
like dead skin cells down the drain
until I bleed 

The shower's spraying
crimson streaks and bar soap
gulping down warm aromas
of someone's else's dinner
I've already refused to eat
freedom in the vapor
water, just another layer
for a fresh tomorrow
inevitably approaching

The shower's running
your past you know was there
turn around,
the girl is gone
smile frozen in frames fading
into rays of dust
reflection turns into mere memory

The shower's running
old birthday cards
faded by a layer of film
clutching what's gone
scrawled on every card
but it is not my birthday
their BFF, a myth in the mist
because forever doesn't exist

The shower's running
Hesitating to wipe off today
eyes already bleeding black
years of caked on mascara
running down my face
when the colors fade to dust
despite the efforts of inky rust 

The shower's running
down the drain
pelting sand slipping
constantly falling
please, stop
the liberation comes at such a cost
dormant dreams of all that's lost

The shower's dripping
peeled at the edges
there is not room for me
we are too big for this wretched body
drenched laughs turn into sobs as they drown
grabbing at breaths of air that's gone
brief rainbows in bubbles pop

the shower's stopped
the clang of a spoon
the school bell
class over, day end dusk
in a bowl licked clean,
now empty
all white


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  • Eblinn

    This is so good!
    smile frozen in frames fading/
    into rays of dust
    wow, just wow

    12 months ago
  • The Midnight One

    Wow, eerie, chilling, but incredible!

    12 months ago