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Arnekum (unmake)

June 22, 2020


After the sun fell on my sufferings with no solace 
after God’s hand wavered, and disappeared from my sight 
after refusing to climb into gentle morning’s hopeful embrace 
after drowning in hurricanes of paralyzing shame and relentless guilt 
after closing my eyes to the possibility of tomorrow 
after permanently silencing myself 
after golden hands clasped mine own of soaked memory, blood, ink, and tears 
after the obsidian horizon split into innumerable, heavenly paintstrokes of gold, red, purple, and blue,  
after stepping onto the hardwood floor 
after taking one step 
then another,  
and another,  
after clasping the cold, weathered knob of the deck door 
after stepping into the myriad of stars 
after gently opening my grayish-bluish eyes 
after raising my mouth to the universe and letting go 
after screaming all of me into the abyss of the heavens.... 
I awoke
This was the first piece I ever published on WtW, and even though I wrote it wayyyy back in March, I feel that it still describes where I'm at emotionally. I go through cycles of pain and struggle, then someone reaches out, and I find myself and peace again.
I'm currently at the top of the roller coaster, but I'm not going to drop for a while. I'm doing amazing right now; I want to feel this good forever:) 
"I'm on a roller coaster that's only going up." -TFIOS (John Green)


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