is it the sea you hear in me,
its dissatisfactions?

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our friendship broke before the bracelets did

June 22, 2020


it was a sticky wobbly gelatin feeling, watching myself be cut from the group. when I arrived everyone gave confused

sideways looks to each other as if a stranger had walked into their house and sat down at the kitchen table. I couldn’t hold on to the most basic of things: a friend group served to me on a silver platter, forced together by circumstances. I didn’t know how to leave without being accused of giving up. I could picture them acting victimized

what, were we not worth fighting for?

maybe this mental picture was just a reason to stay, because I was not strong enough to sever myself from something so clearly toxic. it was an easy kind of pain.

did you think I couldn’t tell? the same thing had been done before to someone else, only this time I was on the outside. the obviousness of it was humiliating. it made me want to dig my fingernails into my red face until there were cascading lines of permanent crescent moons. I want you to know that I felt very alone. very pitiful- clutching my pink and grey striped bracelet.  

it wasn’t something you could fix by becoming the perfect person. the fact that my focus and improvement damaged our relationship was a red flag. the better I got the more you seemed to hate me.
I won’t pretend to not know why. we are past the point of playing games, or at least I am.

I am familiar with the feeling of hating someone because they are succeeding. I makes you wonder if you are a bad person. It consumes you so quickly you feel sick. diseased. vicious in the way an injured wild animal is. it makes its self comfortable and stays a while.
the first step of recovering is to name it- this feeling lives in the shadowy corners of your being and this is the equivalent of shining a bright light on it.

I want this to be clear: I don’t blame you,
It’s just- I had a choice to make

and I chose myself.

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  • janevra

    replying: thank you for the kind comments! it makes me sad to hear all the people who can relate to this, but i'm so happy we can all come together and support each other through it.

    4 months ago
  • And_The_Stars_Laughed

    You tackled this struggle, one that I -- too -- can relate to, in an incredible way. Your imagery and use of figurative language are outstanding, each sentence left me with this settling feeling that brought back old memories, as your words are so very powerful. The title was also spectacular; in fact, it's one of the most creative titles I've seen in a while -- and it really drew me into the piece. Awesome work! :)

    4 months ago
  • janevra

    Replying: thank you! the fact that you found this relatable was really good to hear- it feels good knowing there are other people out there dealing with these feelings too. (although i'm sorry you had to go through it)

    4 months ago
  • sunny.v

    this was scarily relatable. it really brought back old feelings, and i love love love your ending lines. amazing work!!!

    4 months ago