i hold on to quotes for my dear life.
i hope you have a wonderful day <3

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i am a poet for love for past and for death

June 24, 2020


i am a poet
i add unnecessary words to mistify coherent thoughts
no one knows what roams about in my mind made of quotes and 
notes started on february the thirtieth and last edited on june the twenty-eighth
least of all myself can wade through the neverending stream of expectations for love
for past and for death

i am a poet
i break my heart on razor thin laughing edges and bleed a thousand lives before my reality even begins
a single meeting between my eye and yours results in my next imagination
of others, for others, to others to love
silk sweetness creates the ultimate atmosphere for heart wrenching pains 

i am a poet
i reminiscence of past glories and dread future sayings
floating on my canoe, reaching for memories altered by yesterday's tomorrow's truths
i describe the sunset play set clogged with dust on the attic i loved to trust
children's joys told by adolescent tears and breaths

i am a poet
i try to fit death in my thrifted snow globe frozen in record players on my shelf
night howling means a soul has escaped and since the scar i wear tonight is a scythe
i wander over to the still chatters in the wind and free them of their last memory holding strings
and use them to replace the ink in my pen

i am a poet for love for past and for death


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  • Anne Blackwood

    This is really cool! Btw, if that giant first letter bothers you, just hit enter before typing. <3

    about 1 year ago
  • lindsmariebuck

    This is absolutely amazing!!

    about 1 year ago