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The Planes, Those People

May 7, 2014

Down to the spine tired, as my mother would say. Slumped over an uncomfortable airport chair waiting through another layover. Down to the spine tired always seemed worse when the world was rushing around you. The sound of children running ahead of their parents and languages I'd never taken the time to learn rattle around me. The smell of stale pizza and exhaustion incase the air. Then, as my sister would put it, my brain was once again too curious for my body, and I was forced to sit upright in my uncomfortable seat and gaze out of the enormous bay windows. And there it is, the same feeling I felt about an hour ago. It came time for my airplane's wheel to touch pavement. I could hear the nervous flyers holding their breaths and a young man in front of me let out a tired sigh. And I, who has spent more hours in an airplane than speaking to my sister, felt just as nervous as them. I have my eyes locked on the planes on the other side of the window. I wonder how many people are about to be shot into the sky. How many people are like me and how many people have never even been to an airport before. I decide that this is my place for the next few hours, until I catch the next plane at 8. Watching planes pull out and head to the runway. Sending a whole new group of people into a new part of the world. I will probably never know those people and they will probably never know me, but watching their planes was all the amazement I needed for the next 3 hours. To know, that there is a whole group of people who will sore through the air without me, and look out their windows onto unsuspecting towns and people like I am to their plane right now, like we were experiencing their nervousness together, is enough uncertainty and comfort to make this life of travel and exhaustion bearable.


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