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don't swallow gold. i have two tablespoons of sorrow.

this is a ghost town, and i want to stay here forever

July 8, 2020



in the undergarments of a tattered fortress
there is an empty train station and 
the prospect of its nothingness does not thrill
me like it would do on an occasion so far 
removed from realism as this one,

carbon silence so cold and the strange 
reverb when it calls out to me, cracked 
like a hollow walnut,
so much platform and so little foot step
one of me on this side, youth at the blossom
tipping iceberg only just born and 
no friend in gloom tales, caustic paste 
promise of bold outlines so uninhabited,

thoughts cut short—

but there goes another apparition
another half of half of me (?)
shadows looming like ocean foam
undoing outsiderness with sorrow
i know it like the back of my palm
no love for kerosene studded bones
but i will live (?) tonight,

my poor platform aches onward
all aboard this pity party, or perhaps
not, pendulum lurching towards
the staying (rooted vagueness, 
cat-curiosity about things that could 
have been) 
the leaving (eyes scrunched shut
and the yellow of my knuckles
tight wounds bolted shut, superglue
quick fixes and anticipation that stings
bee love story)

in two minutes, the last train out of 
this manhole will arrive.
i have no thumbtack-studded creased maps
no terribly heavy luggage to lug about,

i only have this coarse body (papery skin)
this blue skull (teapot tipped over)
and platform will jiggle a little 
clocks going backward (time running out)
the train will whoosh to a stop
dust-clothed winds playing tag with matted hair
i will step in (leg shaky, knee jerky)
door seamlessly shut behind me
and so i go, i go, i go—
endless like unbound galaxies (no space for me
in these void days)
— go, go, go
if (when) i open my eyes
i will have reached the final stop.


do not pine for trains that have left the station. write yourself a ticket to the edge of the universe, and pack an empty suitcase. you will need it later.


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  • elliem

    This is so amazing! Your writing is so beautiful. Wow.

    5 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    ohh i love your style! it feels like a more abstract stream-of-consciousness, if that makes sense? it's beautiful to read; this is such a hauntingly gorgeous piece!

    5 months ago
  • Eblinn

    "i only have this coarse body (papery skin)
    this blue skull (teapot tipped over)"
    Wonderfully gracious, love this so much!

    5 months ago
  • black_and_red_ink

    Amazing poem. I especially loved the last stanza. Yeah idk what else to say... I'm kinda just in speechless awe right now :o .

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    "carbon silence so cold and the strange
    reverb when it calls out to me, cracked
    like a hollow walnut,"
    Gosh, this is such a great piece. There are so many amazing lines (all of them) that all of us were able to pick different ones. Wow.

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    haHA i knew i'd be seeing you sooner or later and i knew you would not disappoint! "i will step in (leg shaky, knee jerky" your choice of words particularly stood out to me here and it's surprisingly perfect. this piece uses a lot of parentheses and em dashes and calls forth the personality of the narrator while both being worded beautifully. a ghost town, or more specifically, that itself evokes some sort of imagery, but you just took it above and beyond. this is something that begs to be read carefully, to be soaked up and experienced. and of course your footnotes hit hard too. i will definitely reread this masterpiece again. i love love love love this so much. you're too good <3

    5 months ago
  • Sol noctis

    This is just amazing...... I'm... Speechless...

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    “ endless like unbound galaxies (no space for me
    in these void days)” the idea of the train/moving on to the next’s so chillingly magical. your writing is something to be experienced, and that’s true talent.

    5 months ago
  • naomi ling

    this gave me shivers all over. you have such a unique way with words: "caustic paste
    promise of bold outlines so uninhabited / " wow. i have nothing else to say

    5 months ago