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if only i was soundproof

June 30, 2020


in the dim-lit midnight whispers your breath condensates on my ear/ i want to fast freeze the love you speak and turn it into a necklace/ keep it to my heart/ sticking it all the way through would be too cruel/ can't risk messing up a letter and confuse fate for hate/ i would voluntarily make my chest a clump of ice/ if hypothermia makes my lips tremble and i slip out a worry like, i don't know/ do you even see me when you speak?/ then ignore if you can/ my memories must have created a dysphoria for my dying down awareness/

the trinity of words that supposedly cures everything never arrived/ i checked the package inside out and outside in/ did you read the manual?/ garbage collectors wake up really early/ i should ring the help desk for every piece missing/ unfortunately calls call for an available speaker/ the telephone string was cut by the sharp breaths in between holding my dangling tears/ the phone bill will be cheap this month, darling

sweet glance of cotton candy in your eyes/ it dissolves even before it's registered by my mind/ i try to catch a
taste in your warm hands holding the ever cold mine/ you can paint a touch but that doesn't make it yours to fake/ didn't you know in space there's no sound?/ oh,if only there was no sound/ in the bright glow of neon screams faces don't seem looking and our voices don't seem ours/ one ride tickets are safer than buying a bunch of plastic lasting cards/ we couldn't be sure of using them next time arcade games come to town/
adrenaline rollercoasters heat/ i scream when your shoulder touches mine/ haunted houses are dead scary for uninvited ghosts downtown/ even more for frozen time travelers with no words left to speak/ they can't be told which cries are in agony and which are distorted/ by ice clumps holding past laughs/ 


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  • Doodleninja

    absolutely stunning piece. It sounded like a modern Shakespeare soliloquy, with your poignant figurative language and philosophical musings. I loved it. Chillingly beautiful.
    Review coming soon!

    5 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    wow, i really love this!! the writing style is so unique and refreshing in a way, if that makes sense? it feels like reading a stream-of-consciousness, or watching a movie with 2x speed on. god, this is so darkly beautiful.

    5 months ago
  • Anlee

    I don't know what to say about this AMAZING piece... so i'll just O.o

    5 months ago
  • elliem

    WOAH. This is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely work. :)

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    "the telephone string was cut by the sharp breaths in between holding my dangling tears/ the phone bill will be cheap this month, darling" whoa. this whole piece is fricking breathtaking wot. i just can't put a finger on it... grungy ethereal???? wow, this was a ride. i will be back to read.
    hmm... i think your title is pretty good? that's up to you though :)

    5 months ago