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Message to Readers

I published this piece to talk about black stereotypes that not only I have faced but also what society has normalized. I apologize if you find anything written in this prompt offensive. Please feel free to give me critiques/make edits.

Black Stereotypes...Why?

June 21, 2020

"Why do you talk so white?"
This. This was the one question I've never forgotten. This was also the one question that confused me to levels of perplexity I've never reached before. Since when has speaking proper grammar/ speaking in an educated manner translated to me being white? "You know what... let me just forget it...I'm sure it was nothing." I thought to myself. Little did I know the stereotypes I would be facing later on for being black.

"White"... "Adoptee"... "Zebra" name it. All because I claimed rap wasn't my favorite genre of music. The name-calling only started increasing once I claimed that I wanted to attend an Ivy League University. Though I didn't enjoy the numerous labels I was dubbed as, I tried my best to not be affected by it. "It's just amusing, not degrading," I would constantly remind myself. However, my breaking point was when I was in class and told to read the lines for a predominantly urban/ghetto character. Though I tried my best to embody the character, I knew my reading wasn't exactly the best. But then, a guy in front of me turned around and claimed that I needed to get my black card "revoked."

Why did it matter that I didn't like rap or lacked athletic ability? Why did it matter that I didn't speak slang? Why did it matter that I wanted to pursue my education? And lastly... how do all of those characteristics contribute to my level of "blackness?'

The main point is while there is absolutely NO EXCUSE towards discriminating black people due to the color of their skin, it's almost as if society has become accustomed to these beliefs. Why is the idea that black people aren't educated/ only stick to one career (basketball) so normalized? Why is it that when a young black person/child wants to be educated, we link it to being white? Why?


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