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I like writing poetry, short stories, and the occasionaly nonfiction piece.

Here you'll find all sorts of poetry, short stories, mini series about my boys, and some D&D (dungeons and dragons) tales. Hope you enjoy!

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The Dragon That Misgendered The Prince

June 22, 2020


Astre twirled around in his blue dress, "Do you actually think I should wear this?"

Mason smiled, "I think you look beatiful."

"Yeah, but do my subjects expect to see their prince in a blue dress? Probably not."

Mason shrugged, "Where whatever you want to. I think you always look dazzling."

You could hear Astre chuckle as he sat down, "I don't know. I'm not sure I'm ready to give this speech. I mean, I'm glad things are back to normal now, but I don't know where to go from here."

Mason sat down beside him and patted his back, "You've got this. Through everything, I'll always have your back."

Mason kissed Astre's cheek, "Just speak from the heart."

"Are you sure you can't speak for me?" Astre asked.

Mason grinned, "I'm afraid your subjects need to hear from you."


Ultimately Astre just ended up wearing more casual attire. The two boys however, as Astre recieved Mason's reassurance, had lost track of time. They then ended up racing through the courtyard. 

Astre dashed to keep up with Mason, "I'm going to be late!"

Mason turned and waited for Astre to catch up, "It'll be fine, you've got this."

Both of them whipped their heads at the sound of an arrow. A shadow came over the court yard as a dragon flew overhead. Soldiers shot arrows from the tops of the castle walls.

Mason ducked and grabbed Astre's arm, "We've got to get out of here."

They ran closer to the castle as the dragon descended. A tree root caught Astre's foot. Mason turned back from him as the dragon picked him up in his claws.

"Astre!" Mason shouted.

The dragon quickly flew away, Astre in hand. 


Astre struggled in the dragons grip, "Where are you taking me?"

"We're going to my treasure hoard, little princess."

"Excuse me? I'm a prince, I'll have you know."

The dragon snorted before swoopong into a cave and landing.

Astre unsheatged his sword and pointed it at the dragon, "What do you want with me?"

"The king and queen will pay a pretty good ransom for you," the dragon reasoned.

"I'm afraid to say they'll likely send someone to slay you. What would a dragon need money for anyhow?"

"Let's just say I lost a bet."

Meanwhile Mason was pacing up and down a hallway.

Caspian tapped his shoulder, "I just recieved word."

Mason turned to him, "What am I supposed to do?"

"He needs you, you have to go find him."

"Alone? I'd be stupid to think I could take on that dragon."

"I'll come with," Caspian reasoned. "Aurelio would be glad to come along as well."

"Wonderful, meet me at the front gate in half an hour."

When 30 minutes had passed they all stood at the front gate, fully geared and readily armed. So their small party traveled into the woods.

Aurelio piped up, "So... Why exactly am I here?"

Caspian smiled, "All parties need a bard to cheer them along and sing them songs! You also have a sword, so you may help if you choose. Plus if we die you can go tell the kingdom, or soemthing."

Aurelio nodded, "I see... Would it please you if I sang a song."

"Aurelio, that would be lovely," Caspian assured.

Aurelio played a small harp and sang them a merry tune.


"That's quite a difficult situation," Astre agreed, after listening to the dragon's backstory. 

The dragon nodded solemnly, "So you understand?"

"Fully. I'll make sure you aren't attacked, and recieve the money that you need."

"Would you prefer I bring you back to the castle?" The dragon asked politely.

"No need, I know someone's already on their way for me," Astre explained.


The party approaxhed the edge of the cave cautiously.

"I'll lead," Mason spoke.

They followed him in, taking careful footsteps.

As Mason came to approach the back end of the dragon he pointed out his sword, "Return Astre, or face death by this blade."

The dragon slowly turned, revealing Astre, who approached Mason.

"Please don't attack them! They just need help, I'm fine. Come now, we're going back to the castle, I'll explain everything on the way."


In due time everything was sorted out regarding the dragon. Astre's speech was rescheduled, and he had chosen to wear a dress.

"Are you ready for your speech?" Mason asked.

"Indeed, and I found exactly the inspiration I needed."
More of Mason and Astre, this set in a fantasy world where Astre is a prince, and Mason a knight he met during a war. This alternate universe with them may become a whole story.

This specific piece takes place after they won sime kind of war. 

It also introduces Caspian, a new OC of mine. Caspian is a beatiful trap, who everyone assumes is a girl. Caspian has white wings (appearing to be like an angel). To most he seems cute, pure, and feminine.

But he's actually somewhat athletic. With powerful wings, and string arms and legs. A fast runner, whi enjoys racing. He is an archer, who also helped in the war, and has healing powers.

Caspian is in love with the clueless Aurelio, a musically talented bard, with adequte sword skills. 

Hope you liked it.


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  • Westley

    I named him Aurelio? Aurelio? You mean I just forgot about the I in his name and started calling him Aurelo instead? Too late now, Aurelo it is. I can't believe I've done this to myself.

    11 months ago
  • Westley

    As, thanks. I love them too, they're my babies. I'll be trying to feature more of Caspian and Aurelio too.

    about 1 year ago
  • batman_is_a_cracker

    Damn I love these OCs of yours. Mason and Astre are so cute.

    about 1 year ago
  • Westley

    For more of Mason and Astre (including cute fluff, and lots of angst) go check out my other pieces.

    about 1 year ago