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June 20, 2020


komorebi (Japanese): the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees 
acquerugiola (Italian): light drizzly rain 

Her footsteps were muffled by the damp dirt and leaves. The foliage sheltered her from most of the rain but occasionally, droplets of water landed on her head and trickled down her face. It was like the world was trying to make up for her lack of tears. Leaves rustled, shivering from the caress of the wind and birds chirped some melodious music which they called their own. The sun bounced through the gaps of the trees and basked even the ground which seemed so far away from its reach in a warm glow. She felt as if she was underneath a blanket of calmness.


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  • sunny.v

    ah, komorebi sounds beautiful, and you write this so serenely!!

    5 months ago