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Our church hasn't started up again after COVID-19 happened, and I miss it.

How well does this piece fit together? I didn't know if the way I tied everything in worked or not.

Happy Sabbath

June 20, 2020


we usually wake up late, but not too late
the house is filled with the scent of pancakes
and the whirring of the blender gets us out of bed
there's hymns pouring out of the old cd player
but we turn them down as we pray before the breakfast
good morning! how was your sleep?
Happy Sabbath!
wow, the weather looks nice for a hike after church.
i wonder if they'll be at the service today.
tonight, once the sun goes down, can we watch a movie?

are they getting baptized today?
i hope potluck will have some good food.
yes, i know i have to do that, but today's Sabbath. I'll do it Sunday.

we eat quickly so we'll have time to get dressed
and head out to church
alright, everyone, go get ready! quickly!
he has to play cello for special music today!
and you're helping her with the children's story?
i want to talk to her before the service starts!
hey! where are my good shoes?
guys, i've been waiting for fifteen minutes.
remember, we need our Bibles for studying today.
well, that's what the pastor said!

we pile into the small car
skirts and dress pants pressed against each other
and the smell of morning sunlight on the car's interior
instruments for praise band piled onto laps
spirits high and content
when we pull into the driveway
and walk through the wooden double doors
greeted with streams of
Happy Sabbath!
we're so glad you could come this morning!
hey! it's been forever since i've seen you!
how was your trip to france?
good morning, and Happy Sabbath!
thank goodness you arrived, we need a violinist in the classroom.
did you do the homework? yeah, me neither.

are you ready for the service?
smiles light up faces
as friends are reunited
and visitors are introduced
welcomed with open arms
as well as invited into the Sabbath school classroom
how are y'all this lovely morning?
that's a really good point, you know.
ooooh, i didn't think about that before!
so, what does communication with God mean to all of you?

squirrel! that's off topic!
i'm sorry. that must be hard. 
so, our primary goal is to love everybody. why do you think this is hard?
who will have closing prayer? nobody? well, i'll just pick someone at random...

we all flood out of the classroom after the finishing words
and go to sit in the sanctuary
to listen to the pastor
as he gives us the sermon he worked on all week
in hopes that he'll reach us somehow
and help somebody 
with anything they're going through in their life
hymns are sung
stories are told
and it all ends soon after
with everybody rushing down the stairs
to eat the lunch that everybody pitched in to make
and there will be more laughter
more stories
more hugs
more love
and more declarations of
Happy Sabbath.


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  • Tapasya

    What's Sabbath exactly.... Is it a festival??

    16 days ago