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gossamer silks

June 19, 2020


the way you pick up the last vestiges of my heart from the crystal studded floor makes my cry. i hoped someone would, i wished it would be you, but i've hurt myself over and over again with the idea that the world was the sun, and all kindness i tried to send your way melted into nothing.

"there," you say, as you press your palms onto my chest.

i feel my heart twitch alive. you shocked it with your hands of sharp ice.

i'd waited. i'd waited so long for you to notice me, for you to reach your arms up and clutch the pigeons i sent you with short little drawings of me and my moon.

"thank you moon," i whisper as you sweep me off my star studded trainers and into the hammock you'd swung between the galaxies just for me. it's a gorgeous thing of gossamer silks and you'd strung fairy lights up on the branches of light.

                            sing us a vale of gossamer dreams
                       we'll swing the stars between us
                                   weave a tapestry of loving songs
                              we'll kiss the sky above us
PouringOutTheSun and other writers here have used gossamer in their writing before, and I thought it looked pretty. I looked up the meaning and wanted to write something that has gossamer in it <33


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Cool! And thanks for the shoutout. :D

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Shout out to Anne Blackwood as well, for the idea of adding a last part in rhyming ends

    5 months ago