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June 19, 2020

PROMPT: Refuge

there is comfort in nights brimming with stars
in searching for sleep but finding only whispers
of promises woven through millennia
in crickets singing lullabies in the silence
in flipping through pages and pages of grace
glance up at the milky way and wonder
why you’ve been chosen to receive
this gift you could never earn and don’t deserve
after all the millions of stars shine more
beautifully than you ever could
here now let the love wash over you in waves
rivers replenishing your soul once drained
think of sacrifice and resurrection
of all your debts paid and of the curtain torn in two
of words that shook the ground “it is finished”
there is no barrier between you and Him
imagine now the one day when you will
ascend from this shattered reality
and have every tear wiped from your eyes
as you look upon His face without fear
rest now in your King’s embrace and wait
even in the troubles and trials of this world
stare up at the deepening sky and remember
light is brilliantly magnified in the darkness


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1 Comment
  • Anne Blackwood

    So so beautiful. I'm incredibly proud of you for what you write.

    9 months ago