Madeline Harper

United Kingdom

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A bit of a science nerd ngl
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Please feel free to leave comments/criticisms, I haven’t been writing poetry for very long and I’m determined to improve!

Dead Girl Falling

June 19, 2020


Stench of cadaver spoils her lips,
velvet skin blisters to sandpaper.
Sickest satisfaction encourages bitter corpses
to flock to her doorstep, brandishing blades so 
refreshingly blunt 

she can’t reject them. Such necessary
solace can only be found in agony.
Grasping at excuses, falsehoods
flourish off the tongue. Ghostly
eyes and ravenous cries 

replace the aching inside her skull.
Her stomach hardens to rope, coiled and
twisted and tied in hideous knots. 
Stumbling, she collapses into
the abyss-

no light can reach her decaying form
unless she sacrifices her bones as kindling.
The longer she stays, the more
familiar the delirium becomes;
the void, decorated with melancholy paintings

and scrolls of calculations, is 
her new ordinary. If she had a brain
that wasn’t decomposing she might
recollect her youth, the days where
smiles weren’t extinct

and swallowing wasn’t impossible
and her existence wasn’t a prison sentence.
The storm clouds loom ahead, the air
hot and dense- and all she can do is wait
and hope the misery passes.


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