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I personally really enjoy backpacking in the mountains, so this was sort of my ode to all the summer nights I've spent sleeping in the woods.

appalachian summer

June 19, 2020


the sun rises over the mountains arrayed in royalty
the king of summer mornings coming down
from lofty skies to view his emerald kingdom
to bless mother earth with his golden hand
dripping lightning into white rapids leaping
over grey boulders slick with algae blooms
from humble beginnings in diamond springs
these rivers swirl through rhododendron groves
deep velvet leaves and cotton candy flowers
running in crystalline smiles through jagged peaks
water cleansing sweat-soaked feet with
gentle touch cooler than ice in winter blizzards
along the bank above the burbling brook
song sparrows sing from swaying perches
ruffled feathers preened until sleek
lifting their heads to the clouds and releasing
deep soulful melodies straight from the heart
alighting green canopy with sweet song
summer lies heavy on the forest
humidity smothers skin like a fleece blanket
damp hair frizzes and curls into melted chocolate coils
the air sticks to forearms like burger grease to fingers
butterflies’ flit about unheeded by the heaviness
summer sticks her fingers into the dirt
and springs go dry at her touch as water
evaporates from their surface like dreams
deer pace in the woods beyond the trail
foraging for homeland in the undergrowth
ferns grow up along their sides like worshipers
fan their leaves outward in reverence
bowing to the gentle queens of forest existence
but summer drinks deeply of springs fruits
drowning herself in the rivers and the songs
in a dark sky the stars and moon cast silver light
the symphony of woodland music lulls summer to sleep
here we see why the elves danced and sang
sleep for all is dreamless and void as the heat
saps strength and bone marrow
the buzz of crickets and quiet rustle of wind
calls all who will come to rest now in the embrace
of dance and night and music become one
beyond the sun slumbers and the rivers babble on


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