Peer Review by Crys Partridge (United States)

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10 second Essays

By: J.

If it was a big nothing, why do we still have bruises and scars?

A big town packet with small thoughts and tiny people.

Can you hear the crying and weeping in their laugh?

My mind is a great something and a tiny nothing, irrelevant and relevant.

Peer Review

"My mind is a great something and a tiny nothing, irrelevant and relevant." It can be analyzed with so many interpretations on so many levels. I like how the words worked together - there's a great something and a tiny nothing and there's irrelevant and relevant. Is the great something relevant or irrelevant? If the nothing can be described as tiny, is it really nothing? So it seems the mind can be a big deal or barely noticeable depending on what perspective it is considered from. It can be relevant to people it affects, but probably irrelevant to some star light years away.

On a personal level, not very much. On a universal level, yes. The two questions are universal questions. The third one includes crying and laughing, both of which are universal actions. It could apply personally as well, but I don't feel as though I can personally relate to it the way others can.
The other sentences seem universal due to the words "big" and "great", as though they are encompassing as much as possible.

Reviewer Comments

They are concise and deep, yet not difficult to understand.