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My life is in my words,
and my world is on my pages.

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What defines a good piece of writing, is the fact that you will never completely understand it.

Writing Streak Week 12 Day 3

June 18, 2020


She slept with tranquillity, softly sputtering a steady rhythm. Her round jovial cheeks lost their rosy taint of exuberance, but even asleep, the corners of her lips slightly turned upwards, forming a frisky smile. I wondered what she was dreaming of and it seemed as if at any second, she may jump up to tell me all about it. In her serene state, she looked almost angelic, floating peacefully upon fanciful reveries. Could this be the girl who always dashed vivaciously into my room so she could be the first to announce some event or another? Could this be the girl who always belted out lively songs, and pranced about me until I agreed to join her? Could this be the girl who, so full of spirits, always expressed witty remarks whilst chiming in with her cordial laugh? I gently brushed a wisp of dark hair away from her face and tucked it neatly behind her ear. Silent, as to not disturb her, I bent down, kissing her goodnight. And taking one last glance at my sister, I darted out of the room.
I find meaning in family!


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