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June 18, 2020


here is hypocrisy
the older sister listens to her playlist
about love and dying to save
singing along with
“king of love” and “crushing snakes”
but when the younger sister arrives
and a pointless disagreement sparks
the older ignores
the commandment to love her neighbor
she turns to the snake
and lets her anger boil over
allows her voice to escalate
again and again and again
it’s like denying her Lord
three times
on the night of the crucifixion
a moment later the rooster crows
the alarm sings
reminding her to read her Bible
her heart skips a beat
and she plummets into shame
hasn’t she left this grave behind?
she thought she was strong enough
that she could resist the allure
of the fruit hanging in the tree
she smiles haughtily at it
laughs at it says
“i’d never take the fruit”
but it isn’t long before
the snake whispers in her ear
and instead of crushing him
she bows
she takes a bite
juice dribbling down her chin
here is the devil beating her down again
and leaving her for dead
hasn't she been freed?
and yet here she is
still a slave
she wallows in her guilt
a pit of shame so deep
every song about love a slap in the face
she cannot crush the snake
she drops to her hands and knees
and lets her ocean of tears fall
but here is hope
she hears from above
a voice calling her name
telling her to lift up her weary head
through tear-stained eyes
she sees the blood flowing from calvary
here her Savior died for her
became her sin
bore her shame
it’s dealt with
once and for all
she need not remain hopeless
here is grace for the sinner
and love for the lost
look and see
the grave is empty
the Savior conquered death and rose
she rests now
she doesn’t worry about crushing snakes
the snake has already been crushed

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