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My Opinion On Parenting

June 17, 2020


I feel like you should reward the good, not punish the bad. 

Rewarding a child when they do good will most likely lead to them WANTING to do good, striving to continuously do better. 

However, punishing a child when they do wrong will most likely lead to fear of failure, effectively causing them to, for example, get good grades, but break down when getting a B instead of an A. 

This logic however, only works in SOME situations. For example: getting good grades, doing all of your chores without being asked, making dinner, etc. But this logic would not work if your child is being defiant, breaking rules/laws, hurting someone or themselves, etc.

With that being said, if your child gets bad grades, find a way to help them, not beat them down. If they get good grades, don’t brush it to the side. Ask what you can do the reward them. Teenagers who are being raised in an environment that punishes failure and brushes aside success can cause anxiety and ultimately lead to a fear of failure, diminishing their possibilities of successes in life. 

I agree that if a child is struggling in a class, you have to “punish” them in some way. But you also have to help. See what you can do to help them instead of voicing your disappointment. 
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I said “(most of my)” because I may or may not have exited out of a few tabs before I could copy the link. *facepalms* 


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  • Villi V

    Reward > punishment > apathy, in my opinion

    8 months ago
  • lindsmariebuck

    I agree. Think that parenting should be more respect and understanding then authority. Like if they do something bad I feel like you should punish them but you should also understand why. I feel like it works better when you have compassion.

    8 months ago