" As a writer
you try to listen
to what others
aren't saying...
and write about
the silence "
- N.R. Heart

what is loneliness?

June 17, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

why does the milk,
leave without saying goodbye?
why do the stars,
duck between their cloaks?
why does red,
bleed for its mistress?
and the blue,
weep for its hymn?
why does the tree,
curl around the ants?
why does the tea,
rumple between the layers?
and why does the cement
groan within the blossom?
why does my passenger seat,
duck its head?
why did you leave,
your grip encompassing my waist?
why can I still feel,
your nails between the bristles?
when did loneliness,
with its sweltering smell,
and its damp voice,
whisper such promises,
of cradles and sunflowers?

Why did I accept?


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