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ahghghghg sorry for the inactivity i will continue posting shitty writing and not taking it down and it will remain here as an eyesore

happy father's day from the devil's accomplice

June 17, 2020


slap  r u b b e r  soles on   c o n c r e t e
heart in     chest     like
               thud                       thud

dirt streaked between toes, i shoved these onto my feet with the urgency 

and the adrenaline coursing through my veins propels me uphill
i am wearing your god-forsaken slippers, damn this blood we share between us
"stiff-necked nation" cursed our progeny, your progeny,
i am the reluctant offspring of the rock that shattered gibraltar
poetic irony worthy of the bible, is it not?

[no, you are not deserving of the holy texts / inscrutable sadness laces your deeds] 

ouch   frozen rivulets on tearstained cheeks        walk  f a s t e r 
you are red            you are numb

and it occurs to you that your grandparents live within walking distance

but foremost an amalgamation of every character trait
that has borne your rebellion, blazing on your trail? you know
you have left behind the ashes of tranquility (although lava
bubbles tensely beneath the crust of every interaction anyways)

breath escapes your lungs and your head buzzes with the ferocity of
"iron deficiency lends itself to vertigo" (shut up, hypochondriac)
and the headlights of the chrome mobiles gaze at you in unblinking confusion,
you never let yourself cry in public
somewhere in the midst of this derealization you see me
look closer, do you see?

the rush of emotion has complete control over your physicality
passive observer you remain as the chaos of traffic stills in your ears, waiting
at the crosswalk

[does satan have an ally in you?]

and this world he has created exists in only black and white

and you


are in the wrong

[out-of-body means that i am present tense and past tense and first person and second person and the omniscient narrator]

maybe god is just another layer in the onion we mortal fools have named life
i tried writing a gratitude post. i don't think i'll ever finish it. 


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  • happy butterfly

    also your bio" i sip inked tea in someone else's garden" is absolutely beautiful and i wish i wrote it and im lowkey jealous haha

    6 days ago
  • happy butterfly


    6 days ago
  • happy butterfly

    hey!!! ahhhh i miss you so much and i cant believe youre actually talking to me! i remember when you were still publishing i was like such a fan of your work(still am) and i wanted to be your friend SO BAD lol i think i probably annoyed you with so many comments but you didnt reply so i thought you didnt like me * me reading into things too much*
    sorry it took me long to reply,i have been inactive for the past few months due to a serious block and exams but i think im getting it back so cross your fingers. im on holiday now so i am going to be here way more yayyyy but like after being gone for like 3 months i feel like so much pressure to catch up with reading everones pieces that i missed and missing meeting the newbies so it kinda makes me stressedddddddd lol but ya. i cant remember what else was in your comment because i deleted the piece you commented on because i hated it *slaps forehead* anyways! :)

    6 days ago
  • Paperclip

    I originally wrote this a while ago in word but then left it uncomplete for a while, it originally was a rap but I wanted to be able to say anything so I changed it more to just a group of words, not really a poem or a song but just a group of words. Thanks for asking!

    17 days ago
  • poetri

    oh lovey come backkkk

    4 months ago
  • sunny.v

    (pssst when u see this text me!! i miss u sm <3)

    4 months ago
  • elliem

    Hey there ;)
    #rollthedice contest results are out!

    6 months ago
  • naomi ling

    THIS. is one of the most poignant poems i've ever read. "you have left behind the ashes of tranquility." DBHDHBHD wow

    6 months ago
  • .amelia.

    wow this is so deep and beautiful! :o

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    and about your gratitude piece? it's alright, you're the most important <3

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    the formatting is a beast and this is so fricking good. "maybe god is just another layer in the onion we mortal fools have named life" and you cut that onion perfectly :,,) ok that line absolutely slaps though and this whole pieces slaps but like in a good way because that phrase can't be interpreted badly and i'm rambling because this is SO GOOD WHAT.
    "i am wearing your god-forsaken slippers, damn this blood we share between us
    "stiff-necked nation" cursed our progeny, your progeny," THIS. and that whole sixth stanza is just *chef's kiss

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    “ "iron deficiency lends itself to vertigo" (shut up, hypochondriac) ” THE IMPLICATIONS. i am eating my hands, because THIS, my dear is a national treasure. i read your opening lines like they were part of a song!! i sincerely hope you like this, and i say this because I never give credit where it’s not due, but this is gorgeous. it’s a dark academia type of feeling and that is so attractive. awesome work.
    and don’t worry about the gratitude post! you come first, love. <3

    6 months ago