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Message to Readers

I was listening to Hard Feelings by Lorde and was inspired to write about the end of missing someone. Feedback is welcome as always :)

wet pavement

June 16, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

why do i cry when the sheets are cold?
loose tooth. sewing thread around a doorknob, angel straining against his leash
why do i itch under my skin?
the walls are thin and they are melting. quick, they say, move fast. he doesn't move at all
why do i forget what i'm trying to replace?
heartbreak slips out of hotel rooms when it thinks he's sleeping. he is a light sleeper.
is this what having a body feels like?
bury me. be gentle.
this is the sixth time he has tried to quit smoking.


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  • A Rose

    That. Last. Line.

    5 months ago
  • MazeRunnerGirl

    So eerily beautiful <3

    5 months ago
  • joella

    god. how do you breathe ethereal life into everything you write about? "is this what having a body feels like?/ bury me. be gentle." this line...chills.
    also. i love lorde :)

    5 months ago