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well, i do like portraying myself as a cat.

me as the darkness

June 16, 2020


i was the one whose eyes
glowed yellow in the dark of night
like a saber-toothed tiger
tail swishing
to spring upon its prey
i cared not for love or for morality
but dripped with depravity
i stalked my enemies
in the shadows
dead heart fluttering groggily
blood pulsing through stone
claws scraping on the dirt
an owl cried eerily at midnight
i was a skeleton robed
in the rotting stench of death
a corpse crawling along the ground
breathing but not alive
and when i stumbled
fell from my high tower
cracked my ribs and my legs
my “friends”
laughed with voices
high and cackling
carried into the darkness on the wind
a creature dependent on itself
cannot survive
if all it’s bones are broken
if it’s heart refuses to beat
if it’s eyes have turned opaque
with blindness
here is where you found me
laced in deceit and deception
you heard my cries and groans
as death seized me
you gave yourself up
so that i might live
in the silence of the valley
your voice shook the ground
“it is finished”
and for three days death held you
but then at the climax of history
you rose again
now you tell me
i’m free from the darkness
that once lay within me
i now walk with you in the light


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1 Comment
  • Anne Blackwood

    The power and edge of the piece are wonderful

    9 months ago