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Tiffany Andrews

May 2, 2014

King Leopold is mainly about King Leopold's experience of exploring the Congo by fallowing the Congo river. In 1885, King Leopold of Belgium took control of the vast Congo. When Leopold sacrificed the Congo of Belgium in 1908, he gathered together a big fortune at the cost of millions of lives. This has changed my point of view on nature because I am used to seeing how people around act towards their other peers by taking control over them like king Leopold. What King Leopold and his government did to people was so brutal. King Leopold murdered most of the civilization in the Congo by burning them and torturing them to death for money. To this modern day you still see people treating others like the same way and they should be thankful for not having their modern day like it was back in history. Judging from Hoschild's account and from the Heart of Darkness, how Conrad's view changed were when

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