Caleb James

United States

One man, More change

June 16, 2020


Everyone has heard stories before. Well you're about to read a multitude of short stories not of history or fiction. But what is making history right now and is so crazy it might as well be fiction.
Philando Castile was driving home with his girlfriend and his daughter when he heard a loud siren behind him, a police car! He thought. Following traffic laws he pulled over. The cop, a man named Jeronimo Yanez walked up to him and asked for his licence. Philando reached for his licence and Jeronimo opened fire. “BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!” seven shots rang through the night as philando slumped in his seat. Dead.
This second story is about a man named George Floyd; George was at a grocery store almost done with his grocery list for his family of 5 kids and his girlfriend. After a couple minutes George went to check out. When paying for his groceries he accidentally paid with a fake 20 dollar bill. As George was leaving the person who checked him out noticed the fake bill and called the cops. The cops arrived shortly after George left the building and pinned him to the ground. One cop had their knee on George’s neck! There were 2 other cops there with the person who had pinned him. And (plot twist) it turns out George Floyd had asthma. “I can't breathe,” George said with a grimace over and over. George croaked out those words “i can’t breathe,” and the cops? Did nothing. Soon George died of suffocation. 
I am about to tell you one more story out of many many more similar to these two; this one is about a woman named Breonna Taylor. Breonna was sleeping with her boyfriend when 3 LMPD officers issued a no knock walk in search of her house. Soon her boyfriend began to shoot at the officers thinking they were intruders coming to hurt them or steal from them. Sadly Breonna was shot not once, or twice. Or even three times! But 8 times she was shot because the cops suspected she had drugs and was selling them. 
Every single one of these stories I've told today were very similar. Before you say something simple like; black people were shot, or people died. You are correct but also wrong. Yes people died and yes they were black. But you didn't go into detail, and you didn't try to answer well. These people were all good people doing normal things that every citizen does everyday but the cops treated them worse and assumed they were bad off of racist accusations. Philando was pulled over because he was black and had a busted tail light which somehow led to the officer thinking Philando had participated in a robbery 4 nights ago. This racial injustice led to the officer thinking that Philando was reaching for a gun when instead he was just reaching for his I.D. George Floyd has kids and a family. When he also went and did something that every other human being also does; going to the grocery store. He accidentally paid with a toy his kids probably played with. But the 3 three cops hadn’t considered that they assumed that the fake 20 dollar bill was on purpose. Because. He. Is. Black. Breonna Taylor was an emergency medical technician. The cops thought she was handling drugs and selling them. It hadn’t occurred to them that someone that spends their life saving people would ruin others by selling drugs. When they shot her and killed her they searched her apartment and found zero zip nada drugs. They shot her 8 times because she is black and they were defending themselves against intruders.
There are over 5000 people shot or discriminated against because of police abuse. But you can make a difference. It is in our bill of rights in the first amendment that every single citizen has a right to speech. Use it now in this time of need and go to peaceful protests and spread the word to fix the bad habit of injustice this nation has. Use you voice to make sure every is equal and all lives matter


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