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est. april 27, 2020

swordwielding protector of all minority groups
satire sorceress, lady knight

she clasps peonies, allure, & love

Message to Readers

haha if you figure out who this is...*runs away before you can comment it*

a muse only serves to spin her tales

June 16, 2020


should you dare to take divine syllables between your lips to utter her name: say them right, and i will tell you the story of the head goddess divine

the goddess divine: who is of an ivory throne and lionesses at its feet, of pomegranate juice sluicing over bare collarbones
who is of peacock feathers tucked into a quill, of a crown adorned in translucent silver opals
who built you bone by bone into what you are, and who could bleed ink ichor from her ears, and you would be blessed to worship the ground it falls on
who is not the type of beautiful you stop to admire on paved roads, but rather the type of beautiful that could press her foot to your throat, and you would ache to breathe, and all you would plead is: please

they will tell you tales of a wife scorned by her lover of lightning, but i will tell you of the woman who embodies the storm
i will tell you how her fury is beautiful, candor in its nature, but i will also tell you how her hands cradle infant starlings and raise them to the sky
i will tell you how she sews together tapestries of her own divine design, but i will also tell you how she collects paintings from the mortals down below, and spends hours hanging them up on mount olympus

so should you dare to utter her name, two syllables of the head goddess divine: say them right, and i will tell you her story
-yes, this is hera, but it’s also for a wtw user that i adore! if you pick up on the small things, and considering the subject of this piece is the literal hera of the wtw pantheon: you can probably tell who this is! both queens share two syllables and four letters in their name :D
-i was recently overcome with gratitude towards this user, so...a piece. i hope it’s divine enough!


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  • chrysanthemums&ink

    sunny are you ok

    5 months ago
  • Anha

    you have fatpanda and anne blackwood to thank for me finding this piece. and gosh, i'm flattered. i'm certainly not the goddess you paint me to be, but if i was, i'd be a hell of a lot more powerful than i am right now. "an ivory throne and lionesses at its feet, of pomegranate juice sluicing over bare collarbones", "they will tell you tales of a wife scorned by her lover of lightning, but i will tell you of the woman who embodies the storm" - this piece is brilliantly crafted. (to be honest, if people hadn't said outright that this was for me, i never would have guessed.) you're a gem, thank you for this.

    5 months ago
  • joella

    awww too bad there's no way to actually @ her but anha you better see's gorgeous.

    5 months ago
  • naomi ling

    aaa this officer. right here. fantastic writing sunny <33

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: thanks, but honestly it's way better now <3 not really, like a major move or anything but still felt pretty surprised.
    i kinda have this birthday idea for tomorrow :)

    5 months ago
  • Mishthi Sharma

    It's gorgeous!

    5 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    This is so incredibly beautiful.I AM IN AWE.Also love Greek mythology!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Wow... this is so unbelievably stunning. I'm just blown away by its greatness.

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    wait a FRICKING SECOND. SHE DID IT OOOOOOOOH (is this a good place to put a flaming elmo meme?)
    this is definitely divine enough. this whole piece is just so fricking beautiful and i'm getting secondhand embarrassment rn because this is just so fricking good i CAN'T- but i'll leave the praise for the person at hand *coughs
    good luck bro. *fist bump

    5 months ago
  • inanutshell

    well damn... the peacocks & "lover of lightning" gave it away for me, but i love the first part, how you've described her is exactly right! so powerful. always love your greek mythology pieces

    5 months ago