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The Beauty Of Coldness

June 16, 2020


Winter Night -----
Black curtain spreads into the vast sky. There are sparks or little stars and shimmering of the aurora. The ribbons of green, yellow aurora stretch till the end of one’s sight like a river in the sky. The moon pours out it’s silver ray and splashes on to the roof of the Nikosa tribe of the north. The breeze gently travels between the gaps of the sleeping houses daring not to wake up the snoring fathers.
There is beautiful tranquility and quite as if it was underwater. There was only whispering of the leaves and the orchestra of little birds as they flattered their wings to meet the cool midnight air.
The borders of forest cover the tribe and makes a little circle around the wooden houses of Nikosa. The cottage has a torch by the small door which flickers and dances with the passing wind. The cottage is not grand nor elegant yet it is comfortable with a peacefully sleeping family and a little dog by the fire.
The snow tints the roof of the houses like sunlight and the winter paints her white everywhere making all into one color. She makes everything into plain canvas rather than painting it with vibrant colors like the painter of sprint and summer. Yet there seems to be more beauty in the simplistic nature of winter’s art. There is a calm elegance in a way which can not be compared with the art of other seasons. It is cool, clean and pure. Whether it is a human, a landscape of green grass or wooden house it has all been turned into plain white. Unity, that’s what the winter brought despite all the differences. The beauty of coldness.


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  • Busssy.Beee

    i can't describe this in words.... Too gorgeous for words

    10 months ago