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June 16, 2020


The stars brightly shone in the distance, making the eerie and silent night seem less gloomy than usual. Only the rapid pitter-patter of my heart and my quick footsteps could be heard. I made my way across the town briskly but carefully. In this town, no-one would be crazy enough to come outside at this time of the night. The punishments given out made anything not worth it. I wasn’t sure why no-one had caught me yet. Usually, there would be hundreds of robots keeping eyes on every house and every street. But I didn’t seem to care at all. I was furious, a mask of anger had made me reckless. I regretted storming out on my mum, but I knew I couldn’t go back yet. I made my way towards the riverbanks, deep in thought. I just wandered aimlessly for hours, further down the river with tears still flowing down my face, just like the raging river that I walked beside. From a distance, I could see something that was glowing. It looked like some sort of rectangle in the middle of the river, a door that gleamed. Was it a portal? Did it lead to some hidden room? I held my hand out to shield my eyes from the blinding lights. No matter how much my brain told me to stay away, that it was a trap, I kept walking closer, the adventurist side of me taking over. When I reached it, I was surprised to find that there was nothing on the other side, as if the door led nowhere. I was about to explore when the door mysteriously stopped shining. I looked around, trying to figure out why. But then a sudden burst of realization hit me. The sun was already rising, and I was meant to be back home...  
Another rough day had come and gone. I entered the house to find my mum on the couch asleep with my sister in her arms. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Her heavy jowls drooped, wrinkles covered her face, because of all the stress of looking after two kids alone in a dangerous world. I knew that each time I left the house without permission I just made it worst for her. But I just couldn’t help myself. This was the perfect opportunity to go to the door that had been stuck in my thoughts all day long. This time, I was prepared for any adventure. I quietly snuck out with a bag full of defence and food. I set off on my adventure again with excitement. Only this time I wasn’t thinking about trying not to get caught. As I unzipped my bag to get some food out, they fell to the floor with a THUD. I heard the piercing sound of an alarm. I had only heard this siren once before in my life, the memory was vivid in my mind. A sweat broke out as I sprinted away from the robots that had come after my dad many years ago. I saw them take my dad but never found out what happened after that. Dad just never returned home. I wasn’t going to let that happen to me. I kept sprinting until I reached the glowing door with a swarm of robots not long behind me. I looked back and forth between the robots and the door. My only chance at a getaway was to dive. The ice-sharp water stung my skin, but I just kept swimming. I reached the door with barely any hope left. My mum always said; 
 “Two possibilities exist: either we’re alone in the universe or we’re not. Both are equally terrifying.”  
Well, I guess now is the time to find out... 
I jump through to what seems like a beautiful and vibrant city, much unlike ours. A man spots me and starts to walk my way. 
“Capella, is that you?” He asks in a familiar voice. I look up at him with tired eyes and realize that its dad. 
“I have so much to tell you.” 
On our journey home, he explains everything he’s been through to me. I give him a massive hug, grateful that my family is back together again. No matter what happens now, I know that we will always stick together. 
Word count: 719
This is for my English Assignment so please do a review xx


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    Wow, I think you're gonna get an A+ on this for sure! This is amazing!!! You nailed it. :)

    over 1 year ago