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You know the guy, classic goof, loves bad jokes. But has a copious amount of knowledge in, well, everything & they call the "parent" of the friendship group? I'm that guy

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accept change will be the only constant in your life, & laugh at the irony of it. - @inanutshell


Dreams, come and go but ideas flow out this head of mine.

I'm a creator of worlds. I bleed to put words on a page. I dream of wondrous, creative and intelligent people, people I wish I knew. I reveal my true self to others, inner thoughts, hopes, dreams and values.

I fill screens with words, paper with ideas, and my head with dreams.
I write, and share with you.

How I'm Feeling

June 16, 2020


This is your life
Does anything look alright?

Anything? Some things... yes
Most, no
If I'm honest
Nothing feels right

Right then, we should begin at the top
Can you please wake up?

Wake up to what?
I'm already awake
Lying here, scared and worried
My head won't let me sleep

Why do you worry? Why must you fret?
Worse things are happening to others in this world, yet

Don't start too
Everyone else thinks it's their right
To tell me how grateful I should be
To tell me all the things I should do

Why shouldn't you? Gratitude is a wonderful thing
Think of the hope, relief and calm it could bring

How can I feel like that right now?
Everything... everything is going wrong
And all I hear, all I hear said
Keep your chin up, things could be worse

They are right, upon the bad you should not dwell
To ignore it is just, well...

Selfish? That's what the message is
Every single day
The undertone of any "helpful sympathy"
Why can't I feel the things I feel?

Wallowing in your feelings is not a good idea
Do try to breathe, most of your worries shall disappear

For how long? For a minute at best?
Distractions are good, but they only work for a while
Almost like trying to fix a gash
With a bandaid

You seem intellectually aware of the problems, nothing you ever miss
Yet never attempt to fix it, why must you do this?

I do try, I've been trying my whole life
It takes a long time
Isn't it okay to feel not okay?


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