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Heyo! I’m Lauren, a high school sophomore who loves reading too many fantasy novel series, listening to music, and eating a probably unhealthy amount of ice cream.

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June 16, 2020


That plane of existence we all exist upon in the current moment. Sometimes, existence is hard, seemingly futile, as we're dragged down deep into the depths of despair, forced to face the howling monsters within and outside us. Other times, existence is wonderful, extraordinarily so. And still other times, existence is unexplainable--in that foggy, gray area of in-between emotions. Though it's not always wonderful for me, I hope to see that side of existence in every day of my life, even the not so great ones. The bright side, if you will. 

The cynic would call it "misplaced optimism" - a dreary term that elicits thoughts of a horrible gift given with well-intentions. But, I have realized that even when I'm sitting at the very bottom of the abyss, it's always good to look up, and see that bright glimmer at the top. 

That glimmer is what matters most to me, the things I would miss if I stopped existing. That glimmer is my life's meaning. It anchors me, and gives me the strength to float out of the abyss and keep going. 

One of the things is my family. 

They brought me up, they taught me how to live, they laughed with me--and most importantly, they were there for me when I needed them.

My mom, an overly anxious person who worries about every single little thing, but with a heart and soul as vast as the universe. I'm one of her biggest worries, and though I may not have always appreciated what she did for me, I worry about her too. Sometimes we fight, and we cry, and we don't feel like ever talking to each other again. But I love my mom, and she loves me, and we end up hugging and laughing again. 

My dad, a humorously goofy person who is the consistent rock of my life. When we're drifting aimlessly, he is the foundation that keeps us together, the cement that keeps us strong. He finds humor in every moment. His jokes aren't always that great, but well, bad jokes are better than no jokes. He doesn't always know what to do--and being a master procrastinator, me and my mom are the propellers to push him along. But when he does do something, he does it with every bit of his caring soul. 

My cat, an adorable creature who doesn't have words to speak, but screams volumes with his vociferous meows, his flailing paws, his big blue eyes. He sits on my books when I'm studying, providing silent encouragement. He investigates what I'm doing and tries his best to comprehend trigonometry. He doesn't have the best temper, and he's an enormously picky eater, but when he's snuggled up against you, there's almost nothing better in the world. 

That's my family. We weather through tough times, fly through great ones. We're definitely not perfect. We have our flaws, our hopes, our expectations for each other. And yet, we're together. We're existing. We're alive
One day down, four more to go! I had lots of fun writing this :D

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