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our education system is absolute shit

By: pineapples


    The modern world is literally so messed up... 
    You know what the current education system does to students? 
    Oh, of course you do, you're also a student.... But to anyone who's out there who has any say in how our school system is run, please change it. 
    Here's the thing, okay? So there is like maximum one or two people in my grade at my school (although I do go to a tiny school with like, only about twenty people per grade, but that's not the point right now...) who actually get more than maybe seven hours of sleep. We're supposed to be getting what, nine, ten hours of sleep? Well you know what? It's not our irresponsibility that causes us to lose so much sleep... 
    No. It's the fault of school. All of it. Well, most of it. But like that's not the point right now. The pressure to perform is always at the back of a student's mind. Our school system is such that students 'hate school.' The students do not enjoy learning, and that should have been a big fucking alarm to people that our education is in shambles, quite honestly.
    Standardized testing is without a doubt not the most accurate way of measuring people up to each other... 
    But hold on, let's talk about that too for a second. School is currently designed in a way that makes students feel like they are up against each other. Tests are no longer made to show how each individual student is growing, because they do not do that at all. In fact sometimes, tests are the only reason students study. Teachers warn against cramming all the study material for a test the night before, but students end up doing it anyway... Because it works. The material is stuck in your short term memory, and for tests, it doesn't actually matter what you retain, as long as you pass during the actual test. 
    School cannot and will never be able to do history justice, because there is simply too much history in the world than can fit into four years of high school. 
    Social life is another story. This one is harder to control, as this is not as material as school pressure and not absorbing the workload. 
    School-wide student bullying is a seemingly unsolvable problem. Anti-violence and anti-bullying policies are very hard to enforce, causing bullies to run rampant in school, which, in turn, causes for many young children to be beaten down emotionally during high school. 
    In addition, schools tend to kill creativity and individuality, often asking the same thing of twenty or more people. 
    School teaches us history. Math. Art. Science.
    Does it ready us for life? Who teaches the household chores? 
    After school, we are left as vulnerable as we began. 
    Because I have found that I've lost most of the material that has been taught to me. And school has never taught me everyday skills a person needs to succeed in life. 
    Like how the fuck do taxes and rent and cost of electricity and water work? Why aren't we taught more about government and politics?
    Do I now have it drilled in my head that Christopher Columbus thought that the Americas were the Indies and that Magellan was the first person ever to circumnavigate the world but also he died before he fully circumnavigated the world meaning only his crew actually accomplished that? Yes. Do I have a fully formed political opinion based on evidence that school has showed me? No. 


Message to Readers

you know what, this sucks, and I'm going to take it down later, but I had a long rant session, and I figured why not, you can see this...
(also, you might not agree with what I said, these are mostly based off of my school, which is a small private high school of like seventy kids, and I'm not quite sure if the public school system is the same... so sorry)

Peer Review

This is so true! Every time I mention something like this in school, my friends say i'm being 'too political' but everything you said is right. I also go to a small private school in the UK but it's the same here.

If possible, please can you talk about the racial discrimination taken place at school by peers and teachers?

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Thank you for writing this.